1. Basic information about town

Brief description

The town of Yavoriv, Yavoriv district, Lviv region, Ukraine. The town is located 50 km north-west of the city of Lviv, the regional centre. Geographic coordinates 49°94’75″N 23°38’92″E.

Town hall

Town hall

Area – 23.35 km².

Population – 13 thousand.

Yavoriv is a beautiful ancient border town in Lviv region. Yavoriv was first mentioned on 24th June, 1376. The name comes from sycamore maple tree (“yavir” in Ukrainian), which is the town attribute. Yavoriv got Magdeburg rights to government thanks to the Statute of the King Sigizmund Augustus III in 1569. The medieval town was typical for Western Ukraine. In the centre there was a square area – market, which even now still impresses with its architectural form. In the XVII century the town belonged to King Jan III Sobieski, the town became one of his favourite places of residence. There are many historical monuments of that time which are worth seeing.

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady

There are many attractive historical sites for tourists in Yavoriv. Among them we should mention a beautiful wooden church of the Nativity of Our Lady. This temple was built in 1670. In 1939, the church was expanded according to the project of Yevhen Nahirnyy. A beautiful iconostasis of 1671 remained in historic church. Another temple is also worth seeing – a stone church of St. George with a wooden bell tower, which was built in 1715.

Monument to Andrey Sheptytsky

Monument to Andrey Sheptytsky

Monuments to Ukrainian literature, culture and religion figures – Taras Shevchenko, Mykhaylo Verbytskyy, Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Osyp Makovey – are erected in the town. Next to a beautiful house of municipal government there are Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul and the statue of Pope John Paul II, which adorns the courtyard of the church.

Polish-Ukrainian frontier is an incredible land of picturesque landscapes and ancient architecture.

Historical building

Historical building

In June 2013 a border crossing point “Budomierz–Hrushiv” was opened that enhanced possibilities for tourists to visit Yavoriv and especially for investors who want to effect investments near the border. Javoriv has a designated territory with the ability of fast and cheap laying of electric power, high pressure energy and water supply systems, and, most importantly, with a railway line and a road to two points of international crossings “Krakovets–Korczowa” and “Budomierz–Hrushiv”, which are about 20 km far from the town.

The main priority of economic policy in Yavoriv there is an industry development based on abandoned warehouses on the outskirts of the town near the railway station, and improving tourist attraction thanks to the restoration of ancient architectural masterpieces and caves.

Urban development master plan(s)

Urban development master plan was developed in 1994. In 2004 the Strategy for sustainable development of Yavoriv was developed.

Today for the development of town economy the following points are of the strategic importance: construction of sewerage networks and local treatment facilities, repair of roads, and construction of a new typical school. Also, a project on land recultivation affected by sulfur mining and creation of regional area at the Yavoriv lake is being implemented.

Other areas for the development of small and medium enterprises and infrastructure business are being developed.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water Supply

Water Supply

Municipal enterprise “Yavorivvoda” provides drinking water in sufficient amount to Yavoriv inhabitants day and night. Artesian well of drinking water deposits “Shklo” is one of the best in the region. The enterprise runs water supply intake “Shklo”, which has been operating since 1924, the third lifting pump station, and administrative and economic building.

Distance to which the water pumping station “Shklo” – Yavoriv provides water supply equals 28 km. Enterprise monitors street networks with total length of 19.6 km and provides installation of street networks, water inlets to building, water metering devices.

The town still has no centralized sewage and wastewater treatment facilities. The sewer network are 80% based on the main street. Municipal enterprise “Yavorivkanal” was developed in order to organize the collection and treatment of sewage, construct sewage networks, treatment , and remove sewage from the private sector.

Yavoriv has a convenient location for construction of sewage treatment facilities. The relief makes it possible to build gravity-flowing sewerage networks along the town streets, which does not demand forced feed of waste water to sewage treatment facilities.

Electricity & Gas



Enterprise “Yavoriv district electrical networks” (DEN) fully provides electricity supply in the territory of Yavoriv. It can provide 120 kW/h capacity for industrial needs.

The town outdoor lightning network service is provided by an enterprise “Zhytlokomunservis”. The enterprise uses the latest energy-saving technologies. The electrical networks are fully equipped with two-rate meters, that allows to save expenditures seven-eightfold at night time.



In 1976-1977 a gas pipeline was laid to Yavoriv, since then gasification has begun in surrounding villages. The natural gas is supplied to the population of the town by Yavoriv gas enterprise management office (GEMO). The town is fully gasified. The GEMO can provide gas consumption at the level of 80m3/h for industrial needs.




The whole range of telecommunication services in the town is provided by JSC “Ukrtelecom” and LLC “International communications”. The mobile communication system is established by companies “Kyivstar”, “Astelit”, “MTS Ukraine”. The high-speed unlimited Internet based on optic-fiber cable is provided in the town by “Yavoriv Net”, “Ukrtelecom”, “Bite”.


3. Transport accessibility


Yavoriv Location

Yavoriv Location

The distance to Kyiv is 591 km. Average trip duration is 7 hours.
The distance to Lviv is 54 km. Average trip lasts 45 min.
The distance to Lubaczow (Poland) is 45 km. Average trip duration is 45 min.
The distance to Jaroslaw (Poland) is 66 km. Average trip duration is 50 min.

The main advantage of the town location is its proximity to two international crossings points with Poland “Krakovets-Korczowa” and “Budomierz-Hrushiv” which are about 20 km far from the town. It takes 20 minutes to get to each of the crossing points.

Road service

The international motor road Berlin–Krakovets–Kyiv, national motor road Vinnytsya–Lviv–Krakovets, regional motor road Horodok–Yavoriv–Hrushiv, national motor road Sudova Vyshnya–Rava-Ruska go through Yavoriv.

Air & Railway service

There is no air connection to Yavoriv. The nearest international airport is located in Lviv.

A local cargo railway Lviv (Klepariv) – Yavoriv has been operating.

4. Contacts

Yavoriv town council

15 Lvivska st., Yavoriv, Lviv region 81000
tel. +38 (03259) 21562
e-mail: javi-post@ukr.net
web-site: http://yavoriv.com.ua

Local Economic Development Agency of Yavoriv region


1 Tychyny st., (room #4, second floor), Yavoriv, Lviv region 81000
tel./fax: +38 (03259) 23053
e-mail: info@amer.org.ua
web-site: http://www.amer.org.ua

5. Restaurants and hotels base

Hotel-restaurant “Arta”

Yavoriv, 92 Makoveya st.
tel. +38 (03259) 78170, mob. +38 (067) 1500011
web-site: http://www.arta.org.ua

Hotel-restaurant “Pryozernyy zayizd”

Sanativ village (motor road Lviv–Krakivets)
tel. +38 (03259) 23023, 78428

Hotel-restaurant “Fazenda”

Nakonechne II village (motor road Lviv–Krakivets)
mob. +38 (067) 8688780

Pizzeria “Kontrabas”

Yavoriv, 75 Makoveya st.
tel. +38 (03259) 22255
web-site: http://www.kontrabas.net.ua

6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

In Yavoriv there are a stadium, basketball and volleyball courts, natural grass football pitch, playground for sport games. Sports event and football, handball, volleyball tournaments, weightlifting and track-and-field athletics competitions, chess and table tennis tournaments are held in the Ye.Smuk stadium. Futsal Cup is held on the Town Day.

There is a children sports school “Yavir”. Hockey club “Yavir” is the most famous team in Yavoriv. Its home arena is the Ice arena in Yavoriv (600 seats). Water sports have been actively developed on Yavoriv quarry pond; each year more and more windsurfers and kitesurfers appear.

Health & Welfare

In the town there are a central district hospital for 280 beds and a polyclinic, 5 private dentist’s rooms, a centre of social protection for poor children in the Roman Catholic church.


There are three schools in the town. The oldest and most famous one is considered Yavoriv gymnasium named after Osyp Makovey, the gymnasium is named in honor of our countryman, famous writer and public figure of Ukraine – Osyp Makovey. The gymnasium was found back in 1908, the education was conducted in Polish, while Ukrainian was compulsory to study. Next to the gymnasium, at the old town hall there is a secondary school #2. In addition, there is a secondary school #3. The schools trained a large number of children, so they have to operate in two shifts. Extremely urgent among the town problems is a building of a new typical school.

Mykhaylo Verbytskyy

Mykhaylo Verbytskyy

The desire to learn Polish, know the culture and traditions of our close neighbour contributed to the idea of opening the Polish Saturday school. In 2002 the Polish Saturday School of Jan III Sobieski was found, which operates actively; each year pedagogical staff from Poland join the school.

Very popular among the town residents is Mykhaylo Verbytskyy music school. Mykhaylo Verbytskyy was a composer of national anthem music “Ukraine has not yet died”. Father Mykhaylo Verbytskyy served in the Basilian sisters monastery church in Yavoriv.

Yavoriv wooden toy

Yavoriv wooden toy

There is a school workshop of art wood processing In Yavoriv, as the town is considered to be an old centre of the ancient arts and crafts (carving on wood, toy making, decorative painting, embroidery, weaving).

In Yavoriv district there are a Novoyavorivsk higher vocational school (the town of Novoyavorivsk), which trains specialists of technical specialties, and an Art vocational school #14 (the small town of Ivano-Frankove) with specialties: engraver, carpenter, blacksmith, a wood artist. The proximity to the regional centre allows to get professionals of various specialties.


Town People's house

Town People’s house

Today the most important cultural centre in the town is the Town People’s house. The inhabitants of Yavoriv are very proud of this glorious building, which has been the glory of the town centre since ancient times. Numerous performances, concerts, presentations were held and generations of artists, dancers, singers, group leaders known not only in Ukraine but also abroad were hosted in the walls of this great national building. Recently, the People’s house was completely renovated and repaired in a frame of project “Lubaczow – Yavoriv: two potentials, the common chance” funded by Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland–Belarus–Ukraine 2007–2013.

Historical and ethnographic museum “Yavoriv”

Museum “Yavoriv”

The largest number of historical and cultural monuments are preserved in a historical and ethnographic museum “Yavoriv”. The museum exposition is represented by exhibits of handicrafts, archaeological sites, household objects. The exhibition of Volodymyr Patyka work “Wooden Churches of Yavoriv district” is of a great artistic value.

Also, in the town there is a Culture house “Sokil”, M. Verbytskyy school of arts, Yavoriv district centre of children and youth art, a country house-museum of the writer Osyp Makovey, 2 libraries (for children and adults).


During the year the inhabitants of Yavoriv actively participate in various cultural events and celebrations. Yavoriv often hosts visitors from all over the district and border towns. The cultural year begins with celebration of Christmas and Malanka, carol and dumpling holidays are held. In March, during Lent, the whole Yavoriv community goes to common Way of the Cross.

Summer celebrations are the most interesting in Yavoriv. On 23d June the inhabitants of Yavoriv celebrate the Town Day. Traditionally, the celebration begins with a festive liturgy in the St. George’s church. Every year a good mood to the town is brought with a festive concert with participating of adult and children’s performance groups of Yavoriv district. Many other events are held in the town, including: the presentation of paintings vernissage, “Cossack funs” and football matches, exhibition and sales of Yavoriv toys.

Every year on the night of the 6th to 7th July, the inhabitants of Yavoriv reproduce ancient customs of Ivan Kupala Day (Feast of St. John the Baptist) celebrating: young people jump over the flames of bonfires, sing folk songs, the girls float wreaths of flowers.

In August a regional exhibition-fair “Medovyy Spas” is held. True masters of beekeeping from all over the region come to participate. Masterclasses on various honey goodies and treats manufacturing take place in the town.

The town youth often organizes various theme parties. The most ambitious were a retro party and modernized “Ukrainian evenings”. These activities are organized so that people of all ages would be able to relax, enjoy in the old style, but in a new way.

Every year in June sports and entertaining holiday “Cossack funs” is held. For three consecutive years in spring Roztochya International Marathon Yavoriv (Ukraine) – Lubaczow (Poland) takes place, which is attended by over 100 participants.

7. Economic potential of the town


In Yavoriv woodworking, food, chemical and furniture industries are developed. The core enterprises of the town are:



“Sniezka – Ukraine” Ltd, the joint Ukrainian-Polish paint and varnish company, concentrates its activity in the area of emulsion paints (thinned with water), oil and phthalic paints (solvent paints), and putty substances. High quality raw materials and advanced European technologies are used when manufacturing products. All the production is environmentally friendly, safe for human health and the environment.

“Metaloplastmas” Ltd, the company founded in 1970, was the only enterprise in the former Soviet Union which produced crowncaps. The area of the plant is 5.1 ha. Production areas equals 5.4 thousand square meters. The company manufactures plastic containers, tubes and shapes.

“Сan-Pack Yavoriv” Ltd is a division of “Can-Pack Metal Closures” (Poland), which specializes in manufacturing of metal containers. It is one of the three world leaders in this field. The object of “Сan-Pack Yavoriv” activity is the production of crowncaps for beverages and manufacture of polyethylene film.

“UKR-PAK” Ltd has been working in the market of manufacturing equipment (bottling line for carbonated and noncarbonated beverages, oil, vinegar, alcohol, low-alcohol beverage, beer, quass, juice drinks, milk and dairy products, non-food liquids, etc.) since 1996.

“Pruszynski Ukraine” Ltd, the Ukrainian manufacturer of facade and roofing materials of coated thin steel sheet, is a part of the Polish industrial group Pruszynski, the largest producer of metal tile and corrugated deck at the Polish market.

“Yavipark” Ltd: wood construction products.

JSC “Yavorivskyy hlibozavod”: bread and flour products. The plant produces first quality wheat bread, mixed wheat-rye bread. The main sources of sales in the company are grocery stores in Yavoriv and area small businesses.


Market trade plays an important role in the life of the border town, because international and local agricultural fairs are organized very often. There are three industrial markets, two grocery stores, and a large network of bakery shops in the town.


In the town there are 3 petrol stations, 5 service stations, 3 hotel industry companies, 15 restaurant industry companies, 7 industrial enterprises, 90 private enterprises. The residents have the opportunity to use public transport, as well as a network of taxis operates in the town. A high-speed unlimited Internet based on the fibre cable is provided by “Yavoriv Net”, “Ukrtelecom”, “Bite”. In Yavoriv there are 5 different bank branches: “Privatbank”, “Kredobank”, “Saving Bank of Ukraine”, “Ukreximbank”, “Raiffeisen Bank Aval”. In the town there are six hairdressers, 10 pharmacy points, 3 dress-making and tailoring establishments. Advertising services are provided.

Institutions of business environment

Yavoriv Local Economic Development Agency, the organization founded in a frame of Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013, is operating. The objectives of the Agency activity are to promote the economic development of Yavoriv district, promote investment sites among potential investors and support the enterprises establishment and development in border areas, promote local employment and self-employment.

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

  • Exemption from VAT on imported equipment and components.
  • Simplified connection procedure to the infrastructure network and communications.
  • The exemption from local taxes for infrastructure development.
  • Ability to use a supporting network of industrial park (offices, dining, logistics infrastructure, etc.)
  • Consultancy support on the part of Yavoriv local economic development agency while organizing a business.
  • Ability to carry out customs procedures directly on site.
  • Discounts for advertising company.
  • Adjustment of traffic urban transport to support investor.

Investment sites on map