Slavuta Site # 2


Location of investment site Investment site for market is located in eastern part of Slavuta on Yaroslava Mudroho street. (training range, under #36 in masterplan).

Slavuta Investment Site # 2

Investment Site # 2

Geographical location of investment site 50°17’20.6″N 26°52’52.3″E
Area of investment site 3 ha
Land specification There is hollow-bored plain type of relief on the territory of market.
Premises (buildings) on site if any “Greenfield” investment proposal. There is no premise on the site.
Ownership Communal ownership.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) Residential housing and public buildings, for commercial activities.
Type of use of the site: for construction and maintenance of trade buildings.
Technical infrastructure Electricity is supplied.
Gas supply – 200 m far from the site.
Water supply – about 200 m far from the site.
Lack of discharge network, domestic sewage is about 200 m far from the site.
Telecommunications infrastructure The site of market area has access to the town telecommunication network provided by existing operators.
Distance to the nearest residential area 35 m.
Transport links to investment site The investment site is situated in convenient location area, it has an exit to regional motor road P05 Horodyshche-Starokostyantyniv, its type is the third technical grade.
The distance from the investment site to the branch railway is 2 km.
Limits in territory development if any Economic entities may carry on business according to the current legislation.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation Leasehold sale under competitive principle (auction).
Estimated value of investment territory The site regulatory monetary value is 5 548 800.0 UAH (236 697.04 USD).
Annual rent 6% of regulatory monetary value is 332 928 UAH (14 201.82 USD).
(at the rate of NBU as of 31st March 2015, 1 USD=23.442625 UAH)