Slavuta Site # 1

Industrial park “Slavuta”


Location of investment site Industrial park “Slavuta” is located in eastern part of Slavuta on Viyskova street.

Slavuta Investment Site # 1

Investment Site # 1

Geographical location of investment site 50°17’00.0″N 26°53’00.0″E
Area of investment site The total area of the land site, which is allocated for industrial park, is 50 ha.
Cadastral number: 6810600000:01:007:0088.
The industrial park is being built for the term of 50 years.
Land specification There is hollow-bored plain type of relief on the territory of industrial park.
Premises (buildings) on site if any “Greenfield” investment proposal. There is no premise on the site.
Ownership Communal ownership.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) The site category: land of industry, transport, communications, energy, defence and other purposes (the former territory of the military unit).
Type of use of the site: for allocation and operating of basic, ancillary and auxiliary buildings of processing, engineering and other industries enterprises.
Technical infrastructure Engineering infrastructure objects are next to the site; therefore connection to them will require minor expenses.

Electrical supply
Electricity can be supplied from power lines PL-35 kV “Slavuta-Tsvitokha”, that are located 300 m far from the site of industrial park “Slavuta” with mandatory construction of substations 35/10 kV.

Gas supply
Gas can be supplied from medium pressure gas pipeline Ø=110 with a pressure of 1.5 kg/cm2, which is 150 meters far from the site boundary of the industrial park “Slavuta” with mandatory construction of gas distribution plant.

Water supply
Water can be supplied from water pipe CHV Ø 200 mm, which is located 50 meters far from the site boundary.
Water production and supply reserve is about 2.0 million m3 of water per year, or 5.0 thousand m3 of water per day.

Water disposal
Construction of SPS and water disposal networks is necessary to ensure water disposal.

Telecommunications infrastructure The site of industrial park area has access to the town telecommunication network provided by existing operators.
Distance to the nearest residential area Industrial park is located outside the residential areas.
The distance to the nearest residential area is 791 m.
Transport links to investment site The regional motor road Р05 Horodyshche – Starokostyantyniv goes from the North West to South East through Rivne and Khmelnytskyy regions 0.5-1.0 km far from the site. The local motor road goes 0.5-1.0 km far from the industrial park along Yaroslav Mudryy street.

On the West the industrial park borders with local hard-surface road. On the South there is a possibility to build approach road from the hard-surface road along Yaroslav Mudryy street.

South-western railway station “Slavuta” is located 2 km far on the North from the site of industrial park “Slavuta”. Access railroad of JSC “Slavuta plant “Budfarfor” is located 1 km far from the site.

According to the perspective plan of the industrial district development it is planned to build an additional regional loop road, which will go directly by the site of industrial park.

Limits in territory development if any Environmentally friendly technologies should be used on the investment site territory.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation The sites of industrial parks will be given to management companies on a rental basis.

A managing company, which acquires a right for industrial park site lease in accordance with a law, gives the sites possession and use over (sublease) to participants with development rights according to the land legislation of Ukraine.

If industrial park is built on the state or municipal lands, then the site is leased for at least 30 years.

Engineering and transport infrastructure objects of the industrial park and other facilities located within the territory of industrial parks that are provided to a management company for use (management) do not become participants’ property.

Participants may not assign their right and/or obligations to the third parties under the contract of economic activity within industrial park.

Estimated value of investment territory The site regulatory monetary value is 43 030 000.0 UAH (1 835 545.29 USD).
Annual rent 3% of regulatory monetary value: 1 290 900.0 UAH (55 066.36 USD).
(at the rate of NBU as of 31st March 2015, 1 USD=23.442625 UAH)