1. Basic information about town

Brief description

Dubno_herb miasta
Dubno is located in south-west part of Rivne region on Volynian-Podolian upland at a height of 202 m above sea level. The Ikva river flows through the town (the Dnieper basin).

Dubno Castle

Dubno Castle

Area – 27 km².

Population – 38.1 thousand.

Dubno is one of the most interesting settlements in Western Ukraine. At all historical times Dubno, being located on crossroads of historical paths, was a centre of spiritual life of the region, glittered with domes of temples and famous for its monasteries. Each significant event, which touched Eastern Europe, always passed through the town.

Today Dubno is a town of regional subordinance in Ukraine, and Dubno district centre in Rivne region. The first records about Dubno in Hypatian Chronicle is dated 1100. The town was built and developed by princes Ostrogski, the ruling and high-powered persons in political arena of Europe in ХV–ХVІІ centuries. In XVIII century the town grew economically and culturally as the famous Dubno fair was moved there from Lviv in 1774.

The town possesses rich historical heritage. State historical and cultural reservation is created here. The following monuments of history, culture and architecture belong to the reservation:

Dombrowski house

Dombrowski house

St. George Church

St. George Church

Carmelite monastery

Carmelite monastery

  • Dubno Castle, XV century;
  • Lutsk Gate, ХVІ century;
  • Former monastery and Bernardine church, ХVІІ century;
  • Synagogue, XVI century;
  • Church of the Saviour Transfiguration of Our Lord, 1643;
  • St. George Church, XVII century;
  • Carmelite monastery, 1660;
  • Church of Elijah, 1908;
  • numerous secular buildings, ХVІІІ – ХІХ centuries.

The good point of the town is its geographical location: crossroad of European motor roads E40 and E85. Dubno has mainly low-rise buildings of a private nature in 8 200 households and 230 multi-storey buildings.

The town population is 38.1 thousand of people, in particular 45.1% of men and 57.9% of women. The registered unemployment rate reaches 3.4% of the working age population.

Twin-towns are: Gizycko, Sokolow-Podlaski (Poland), Unicov (Czech Republic), Belogradchik (Bulgaria).

The town is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors, the European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources on their territories. Covenant signatories aim to exceed 20% CO2 reduction objective by 2020.

Urban development master plan(s)

Urban development master plan is developed by a state enterprise “Ukrainian State Urban Design Research Institute “Dipromisto” named after Yu.M.Bilokon. The plan was approved by the town council in 2015.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water supply and disposal is provided by public enterprise “Dubnovodokanal”. On the enterprise balance sheet there are:

  • 86.9 km of water networks, 47 km of which are emergency and dilapidated;
  • 9 artesian wells;
  • 9 water pumping stations;
  • 3 clean-water reservoirs.

The total capacity of public water networks in the town is 8.0 thousand cubic meters per day and night; public water pipes supply averagely 6.0 thousand of cubic meters of water per day and night to all consumers, in particular 4.8 thousand of cubic meters to the inhabitants.

The sewage discharge consists of:

  • 23.9 km of sewage networks, including 12 km of emergency and dilapidated;
  • 9 sewage pumping stations;
  • 1 main sewage pumping station;
  • 1 complex of sewage treatment plant.

Treatment facilities performance is 4.2 thousand m3/day, however the waste water pass is 6 thousand m3/day, therefore some quantity of insufficiently treated waste water is discharged into the Ikva river, what leads to its pollution.

Electricity & Gas

The town is 100% electrified. All consumers are served by Dubno branch of public joint-stock company “Rivneoblenergo”. Over recent years, the outdated networks have been replaced with modern cable ones, the capacity of transformer substations have been increasing and quality power supply has been ensured.

The town electricity network characteristics:

  • 97 transformer substations;
  • 2 distribution substations;
  • 10 kV cable lines: 66.78 km;
  • 10 kV overhead lines: 23.93 km;
  • 0.4 kV cable lines: 27.23 km;
  • 0.4 kV overhead lines: 178.0 km.

The town is gasified. The gas supply is provided by Dubno gas facilities management of public joint-stock company “Rivnegas”. The gas supply is provided through distribution gas pipelines of high, average and low pressure.

Residential buildings are mostly gasified; in some buildings solid fuel boilers are used. There are 10 gas distribution points and 38 cabinet-type regulation points in the town, 40.55 km of average pressure gas pipelines, and 111.43 km of low pressure gas pipelines.

Telecommunications (incl. Internet)

Telecommunication services in the town are provided by:

  • JSC “Ukrtelecom” (wired and mobile telephony, broadband Internet access services);
  • 2 internet providers (fiber optic network Internet access);
  • CDMA-operator “Intertelecom”;
  • 3 mobile operators;
  • 1 cable television operator.

Besides, there is a network of T2 digital television of Ukraine in the town.
The proportion of total telecommunications services appears to be: the long-distance and international telephone services account for the largest share of 51.2%, and local telephony for 41.4%. Today the possibility of broadband access to the Internet has been constantly expanding.

3. Transport accessibility


The distance to Kyiv: 370 km (trip duration: 4 h, 30 min); to Rivne, the regional centre: 45 km (35 min).

Dubno location

Dubno location

The distance and trip duration to borders with:

  • Poland (Ustyluh, Volyn region): 143 km (2 hours);
  • Belarus (Dolsk, Volyn region): 204 km (2 h, 20 min);
  • Moldova (Mamalyha, Chernivtsi region): 305 km (4 h, 45 min);
  • Rumania (Porubne, Chernivtsi region): 316 km (4 h, 40 min);
  • Slovakia (Malyy Bereznyy, Zakarpatska region) – 377 km (5 h, 30 min);
  • Hungary (Chop, Zakarpatska region): 442 km (5 h, 40 min);
  • Russian Federation (Senkivka, Chernihiv region): 596 km (7 h, 30 min).

Road service

2 international motor roads go through the town:

  • Е40 starting in French Calais and finishing in Kazakh Ridder with total length of 8 500 km;
  • Е85 starting in Lithuanian Klaipeda and finishing in Greek Alexandroupoli with total length of 2 300 km.

Air & Railway service

The international airport “Rivne” (the village of Velyka Omelyana, Rivne district) is located 37 km far from Dubno on international motor road Е40 “Kyiv–Warsaw–Chop”. The trip lasts 25 minutes.

The distance from the airport to:

The railway station "Dubno"

The railway station “Dubno”

  • a railway track – 8 km;
  • Rivne – 8 km.

The railway cargo passenger line “Zdolbuniv–Krasne” of Lviv railway crosses the town.
The railway station “Dubno” has two platforms and 7 tracks.
The distances to the cities by railway connection:

  • Kyiv: 442 km;
  • Rivne: 53 km;
  • Lviv: 152 km.

4. Contacts

Dubno town council

Vasyl Antonyuk, the town mayor.

35600, 4 Zamkova st., Dubno, Rivne region,
tel./fax: +380(3656) 42132, http://www.dubno-adm.rv.ua,
e-mail: rada@dubno-adm.rv.ua.

The department of economics and property

35600, 4 Zamkova st., Dubno, Rivne region

Ihor Moskalyuk, the main specialist,
tel./fax: +380 (3656) 42741,
e-mail: ekon@dubno-adm.rv.ua,
Skype: mosihor210280

5. Restaurants and hotels base


Hotel and restaurant complex "Edem"

Hotel and restaurant complex “Edem”

Hotel and restaurant "Dubno"

Hotel and restaurant “Dubno”

Hotel and restaurant “Dubno”, 9 Danyla Halytskoho st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 41086, 41802 (hotel), 41881 (restaurant)

Hotel and restaurant complex “Edem”, 2 Stara st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 42650, 42550, +380 (99) 3015026,

Hotel and restaurant complex “Antique House”, 17 Zamkova st.,
Tel. +380(50) 5795905, e-mail: antique_house@mail.ru

Hotel and restaurant “Vezha”, 51а Zaliznychna st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 23086, +380(50) 5155802


Hotel and restaurant complex "Antique House"

Restaurant “Antique House”

Cafe "Lyubyaz"

Cafe “Lyubyaz”

Restaurant “Victoria”, 158 Hrushevskoho st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 22788

Cafe “Perlyna”, 25а Zabrama st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 49330, +380(99) 3835911,

Cafe “Ikva”, 6 Danyla Halytskoho st,
Tel. +380(3656) 41008)

Cafe “Grand”, 1 Nechaya st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 41338

Cafe “Lyubyaz”, 9 Kyryla i Mefodiya st.,
Tel. +380(3656) 41502

6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

The town is famous for its sports traditions. A football club “Dubno”, sports school “Osvita”, the sports department of town House of Children and Youth are operating in the town. These institutions are visited by children, teenagers, youth, which is about 40% of schoolchildren in the town; about 10 kinds of sport are represented there.

Physical cultures exercises and sports can be done and educational and training activity can be conducted in fllowing facilities: a stadium, two football pitches, ten sports halls (including, 7 in local budget educational institutions (2 gymnasiums and 5 secondary schools) and 3 in state budget educational institutions (college of culture, pedagogical college, vocational lyceum)), seven sports grounds.

Basketball, volleyball, chess, checkers, orienteering, football tournaments are conducted annually on the town sports facilities.

On the Ikva river there is a rowing base, where trainings and competitions in rowing and canoeing take place.

Health & Welfare

Health care sphere in the town is represented by:

  • Municipal institution “Maternity hospital (80 beds);
  • Centre for primary health care (municipal polyclinic);
  • Municipal dental clinic;
  • Private dental clinic;
  • 11 dentist’s rooms;
  • 24 pharmacies (including 3 municipal);
  • Diagnostic and treatment centre “Intamed”;
  • Diagnostic centre “Piramida”;
  • Dubno psychosocial rehabilitation centre;
  • Dubno emergency medical services station.

4 family doctors and 4 nurses of family medicine work in the town.

Social security and care in the town is provided by:

  • office for children’s services;
  • territorial social service centre;
  • department of labour and social security;
  • municipal social service centre for family, children and youth (family support, “volunteer service”, “trust line”, consultancy centre).

Dubno special boarding school for children with special needs (about 100 students) is located in the town.


Educational branch in the town is represented by:

  • 6 kindergartens;
  • Educational complex “Shkola-sad”;
  • 5 secondary schools;
  • 2 gymnasiums;
  • College of culture and arts of Rivne State Humanitarian University (education in the field of: librarianship, folk arts, document science and information activity, choreography, art, design, decorative art);
  • College of Rivne State Humanitarian University (pedagogical education in the field of: preschool education, primary education, social pedagogics);
  • Medical college (medical education in the field of: general medicine, obstetrics);
  • Branch of Open international university of human development “Ukraine” (education in the field of: accounting and auditing (accounting), finance and credit, document science, computer systems and networks);
  • Vocational lyceum (education in the field of: woodcarver, accounting data record-keepers, cashier, electric welder, electric and gas welder, computer typesetter, bricklayer and plasterer, etc.)

Afterschool educational institutions:

  • House of children and youth;
  • Centre of young technicians (activities: aeromodelling, origami, radio design engineering, test bed simulation, radio direction finding, ship modelling, model car construction, photo and video amateurism, carting and motocross, computer science basics, etc.);
  • Interschool educational and industrial complex (training of transport drivers В and С categories);
  • Children and youth sports school;
  • Children art’s school (training of more than 300 children in the fields of: musical (piano, accordion, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, bandore, violin, etc.); arts; choreography).


Cultural needs of the inhabitants are met by 5 libraries, local House of Culture and municipal social club.

Wooden sculptures in town park

Wooden sculptures in town park

The town libraries serve more than 7 000 users. Library fund counts 100 thousand of books. In the town central library a social club “Spivrozmovnyk” and literature studio “Lileya” hold their activities.

There are 15 clubs formations in the town, 5 of which possess the title of “Model” and “People’s”:

  • choir “Fans of Ukrainian patriotic Song”;
  • people’s amateur theatre;
  • people’s municipal brass band;
  • model children dance group “Nadiya”;
  • vocal and instrumental ensemble of local house of culture.


Every year the following events take place in the town:

Bride Parade

Bride Parade

Festival of sacred music (January) – rectors of Dubno temples, participants of church choirs, performance groups of the town and district welcome the Christmas with spiritual songs and sincere prayer.

Holiday “Whirl of dance” (June) – the holiday of choreography on Children’s Day celebration. Dance groups of the town, Dubno district and Rivne region, which count almost 600 participants each year, take part in the celebration.

Youth Day (June) – is held on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (performance groups concerts, festive trade, local artists exhibition).

Ivan Kupala holiday (July) – is held on the Ikva river bank. Performance groups concerts, contests, public action of social character take place, a festive concert ends the celebration.

All-Ukrainian rock-festival “Taras Bulba” (http://www.tarasbulba-fest.kiev.ua, July) – a cultural and art project, was established in summer 1991 and aimed at development and promotion of national youth culture and aesthetics. It lasts 3 days on the territory of local stadium “Spartak”. Among the participants there are well-known rock-bands, as well as amateurs from Ukraine and abroad. During the festival participants and guest on the request can be accommodated in tent camp, where water, electricity, and security are provided.

Dubno_event2Town Day (August 25) – is held on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Concert program with contests and actions of social character. Festive trade and local artist exhibition are held on Maidan. During the holiday inhabitants, labour collectives, public unions, that have made the greatest contributions into the town development, are honoured with the highest reward of the town – “Crystal Acorn”.

Tourist gathering for the World Tourism Day (September) – is held in park of culture and rest “Ostrivok”, which is surrounded by the Ikva river. Participants compete in various contests, in particular: “Tent camp”, “The best Kulish”, “The best song”, “Regional natural history quiz”, “Photo-newspaper”, etc.

7. Economic potential of the town


The town industry is represented by one large enterprise manufacturer of chees, 13 medium enterprise (food, wood-working, chemical, textile, metallurgical industries and sheet glass processing), and 159 various small enterprises. The orientation of the town industrial sector is food industry, as 93.5% of all production in the town are food products.

The leading enterprises are:

JSC “Dubnomoloko”: hard and processed cheeses (117а Hrushevskoho st., +380(3656)30002, http://www.komo.ua, com35@komo.ua);

LLC “Company “Zeus LTD”: meat products (prefabricated, by-products, sausages, smoked meat products, etc.), (6 Savury st., +380(3656)34112, http://www.zevs.biz, sekretar.zevs@gmail.com);

PE “Ametyst Plus”: confectionery products (85 Semydubska st., +380(3656)45748, http://ametystplus.com.ua, ametystplus@mail.ru);

LLC “DN “Klasyk”: confectionery products (89 Semydubska st., +380(91)3273808, http://maria.biz.ua, maria.dubno@gmail.com);

PE “Dubno canning plant”: production of canned food – vegetable, mushroom, meat, fish, juices and drinks, honey (64 Myrohoshchanska st., +380(3656)45899, 45999, ats_dubno@ukr.net);

PJSC “Dubnobudmaterialy”:wood impregnation, steel-concrete products (4 Zaliznychna st., +380(3656)46200);

LLC “Casting and Mechanical Plant “Ispolin”: iron casting, hardware (134 Hrushevskoho st., +380(3656)44895, info@ispolin.com.ua);

JSC “Dubno zavod HTV”: rubber and mechanical rubber goods (69 Mlynivska st., +380(3656)32798, 43464, http://drti.net.ua, kovrik.dubno@mail.ru);

LLC “Vesnyanka-D”: production of knitted fabric (110а Hrushevskoho st., +380(3656)44492, http://vesnanka.org.ua, vesnyanka56@gmail.com);

SE “Ornament”: production of knitted fabric (51 Zamkova st., +380(3656)43557);

LLC “Skloresurs”: forming and processing of sheet glass (61 Semydubska st., +380(3656)45565, http://skloresurs.com, office@skloresurs.com.ua).


There are 257 shopping facilities in Dubno, in particular 113 food shops, 132 industrial shops, and 12 food and non-food goods shops.

The main trade facilities in the town are:

1. Realization of food products, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products:

  • “Brama” shop with 183 m2 sales area;
  • “Vopak” supermarket with 363 m2 sales area;
  • “Dubno” shop with 75 m2 sales area;
  • “Bazarchyk” grocery store with 125 m2 sales area.

2. Realization of industrial and food products, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products:

  • “Yukon” shop with 75 m2 sales area;
  • “Khmilnyky” shop with 150 m2 sales area;
  • “Nash Kray” shop with 205 m2 sales area.

3. Realization of household appliances:

  • “Delta plus” shop with 92 m2 sales area;
  • “Comfort” shop with 520 m2 sales area.


There are 51 units in a network of public service establishments in Dubno. Among essential public services in the town 22 objects provide hairdressing, 4 objects offer photo services, 2 objects provide repair and maintenance of electronic equipment, 5 objects provide services on tailoring and repair of clothing, 4 objects provide services on shoes repairs, and there are other services provided by 14 objects.

Main service companies are:

  • hairdressing salon “Tamara”: hairdressing services;
  • hairdressing salon “Bohynya”: hairdressing services;
  • hairdresser “Lady Star”: hairdressing services;
  • hairdresser “Olha”: hairdressing services;
  • hairdresser “Modern”: hairdressing services;
  • hairdresser “Chyk-Chyk”: hairdressing services;
  • LLC “Triada”: electronic equipment repair and maintenance;
  • studio “Olha”: photographic services;
  • photo studio “Halytska”: photographic services;
  • tailor’s workshop “Yana”: manufacturing and repair of clothing;
  • sewing workshop;
  • shoes repairs “Chobitok”;
  • workshop “Jewelry”.

Institutions of business environment

Business environment institutions in the town:

Centre for providing administrative services of Dubno town council (200 m2 modern computerized premise with ten working places. 63 administrative services of executive authority, 2 services of state migration service are provided. On the Dubno town council web-site there is a section “Administrative services” where detailed information on services is listed.

One-stop register office (state registration of legal entities and individuals-entrepreneurs).

One-stop office of the professions (issuance of licensing on integrity principle).

Coordination council of Dubno town council executive committee on business development: preparing and providing of recommendations on disputable questions in business, small entrepreneurship projects and programmes review, examination of issues on enabling environment for entrepreneurship development and regulatory policy implementation.

Dubno regional association of entrepreneurs “Perspektyva” (provision of consulting, legal, marketing, accounting services for the association members).

There are 10 bank branches that operate in the town: State Savings Bank of Ukraine, “PrivatBank”, “Finances and Credit”, “Aval”, “Idea Bank”, “Brokbiznesbank”, “Ukrsibbank”, “Pravex-bank”, “Ukrgasbank”.

Insurance company “TAS”, national joint stock insurance company “Oranta”, “Ukrayinska pozhezhno-strakhova kompaniya”, insurance company “Providna”, “Garant-auto”, “Knyazha”, “Brokbiznes” operate in the town.

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

Information support for investors;

Assistance in documents preparation and flow within the limits of competence (including licensing documents);

Benefits for investor (each case is considering separately on expediency):

  • reduction (cancellation) of interest rate of investor share participation in the town infrastructure development (0-10% of building cost);
  • cancellation of land tax payment for a specified period;
  • participation in engineering services connection to the investment site.

Investment sites on map