1. Basic information about town

Brief description

Dolyna is a centre of Dolyna district in Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is located in north-eastern part of the district at the crossing of important transport corridors, which connect different regions of Ukraine and have access to European countries.

Area – 20.49 km².

Population – 20.5 thousand.

The town of Dolyna is situated in a picturesque corner of Subcarpathia. It is a town of hard-working people, rich cultural traditions, developed industry, huge touristic potential.

The town history dates back to ancient times. 979 is considered to be the date of origin, when salt springs were discovered on this territory. The first records of Dolyna are associated with the reign of Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello. In 1525 Dolyna was granted Magdeburg Law and the “right to produce salt”. Since then, the residents of the town mined brine, however the first saltery was built here only in 1900. Since then the town development was inextricably linked to the salt works, and Dolyna became known for its “white gold”. In the middle of XX century in the territory of Dolyna district powerful oil fields were discovered, which meant the beginning of modern history of Dolyna development.

Panorama of Dolyna

Panorama of Dolyna

Today Dolyna is an administrative and cultural centre of Dolyna district, one of the oldest settlements in Galicia. Half of the district is located in mountainous area with spectacular views, which allows tourists to spend their holidays very interesting in any season. Tourist and recreation resources of Dolyna region are also represented by balneological resources: curative mineral waters, mud, water resources.

Greek Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Greek Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Dolyna can be divided into several parts: Stara Dolyna, Zagirya, Brochkiv, and Horodok. Stara Dolyna is a historical part of the town, where old buildings are located. The oldest temples are situated in the old part of the town: Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (1835) and Greek Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin (1896-1904), which was consecrated by metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. Zagirya is located over the town lake. A national road, which connects the old and new parts of the town, goes along the lake.

Schools, kindergartens, stadiums, local libraries, museum, enterprises, and organizations are located in Brochkiv, the new part of the town. Today the new part of the town is an economical and cultural centre of the town. Renovated Central district library is situated in Gorodok.

The Turyanka and the Sivka rivers flow through Dolyna. Next to the beautiful lake there is a public park, where one can have rest, taste spring water, go fishing. Not far from the town there is one of the biggest sanctuaries in Western Ukraine – Greek Catholic monastery on Yasna mountain in Hoshiv.

Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary (photographer Oleh Kostetskyi)

Roman Catholic Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

The leading branch of the town economy is industry, in particular oil and gas sector. Several enterprises of light and food industries operate in the town, as well private enterprise is developed.

The average salary is 174 dollars per month. The population of Dolyna district is 69.9 thousand of inhabitants, 47 thousand of them are working-age people.

Our charming Subcarpathian town welcomes everyone to walk along its cosy streets, feel the fresh breath of the Carpathian mountains, and discover the beauty and hospitality of Boyko land!

Urban development master plan(s)

Master Plan was approved with the decision of Dolyna town council 12.08.2003 #320-8/2003.

The strategic priorities of the town are:

  • providing high-quality, safe and healthy living conditions and residence in the town (including, public services and ecology, ensuring of quality municipal, housing and communal services, support and improvement of residence security in the town),
  • social development through supporting education, culture, sports, public initiatives,
  • sustainable energy and economic development of the town.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water Supply

Water Supply

Water withdrawal is provided from the Svicha river by Dolyna communal enterprise. Approximately 3 mln m3 of water is taken per year. The withdrawal is open, equipped with semi-dam, earth reservoirs with capacity of 120 thousand of cubic metres and pumping station with capacity of 30 thousand cubic metres per twenty four hours. Capacity of filtration plant is 22.5 thousand of cubic metres of water per twenty four hours. The second elevation pumping station has capacity of 20-25 thousand of cubic metres of water. Water is supplied through 98-kilometre long water networks.

The sewage network has a length of 30.99 km.

In particular:

  • Ø 800 mm (steel concrete) – 2.1 km;
  • Ø 500 mm (asbestos cement) – 0.65 km;
  • Ø 500 mm (steel concrete) – 1.55 km;
  • Ø 600 mm (steel concrete) – 1.0 km;
  • Ø 300 mm (ceramics) – 2.6 km;
  • Ø 300 mm (PVC) – 1.1 km;
  • Ø 250 mm (PVC) – 0.49 km;
  • Ø 200 ÷ 150 mm (asbestos cement) – 18 km.

Pressure sewage header:

  • Ø 200 mm (steel) – 1.2 km;
  • Ø 250 mm (steel) – 0.6 km;
  • Ø 200 mm (steel) – 1.7 km (non-functional).

There are two sewage pumping stations with capacity of 14.4 thousand of cubic metres. Sewage treatment plants have project capacity of 17.0 thousand of cubic metres wastewater per twenty four hours.

Electricity & Gas



Electricity is supplied from a district substation PS 110/35/6 kV of 110 kV electric power supply line of Stryy and Kalush electrical generation systems. There are 6, 10, 0.4 kV networks in Dolyna. Part of the 0.4 kV network is in good condition after self-supporting insulated wire reconstruction, however its usage numbers to 80%. 6.10 kV networks are in satisfactory conditions and are used for 60%. A number of technical measures are carried to transfer electricity in the town to 10 kV voltage by means of laying of new cable networks. 10 kV voltage might greatly increase the power reserve.



Gas is supplied from gas separation station (GSS “Dolyna”), which is connected to gas transmission pipeline Pasichna-Dolyna. 9 gas distribution points and 19 gas distributing plants are established to allow gas supplying to inhabitants and enterprises. Alternative regularly replacement of pipelines and equipment is carried out. Gas transport system capacity utilization has decreased significantly due to the fact that alternative fuel types are used by budget institutions.
Gas supply services are provided by Dolyna department on gas facilities operating.

Telecommunications (incl. Internet)



TV and radio company “Orion plus” laid optical network, which is the most modern method of signal transmission. Modern equipment, which allows to provide access to broadband Internet, is installed. The network covers the territory of the new part of the town (from Kotlyarevskoho st. to Bohdana Khmelnytskoho st., Oblisky st., railway station district, Zaozerna district, and villages Mala Turya and Novychka). The average internet speed is 100 MB/s.

Telecommunication services are provided by JSC “Ukrtelecom”. Telephone connection is provided on the whole territory of the town. There are 7 digital automatic telephone stations. JSC “Ukrtelecom” can provide broadband Internet access with maximum speed of 5 MB.

As well on the territory of the town the following providers operate: “Mandaryn”, B-net with maximum speed of 60 MB. Mobile telecommunication services are provided by Kyivstar, Life, MTC, Intertelecom providers.

3. Transport accessibility


Distances from Dolyna to big cities:

Dolyna Location

Dolyna Location

  • Ivano-Frankivsk 58 km (regional centre, approximately ~ 1-hour 6-minute trip),
  • Lviv 110 km (approximately ~ 2-hour 15-minute trip),
  • Kyiv 635 km (approximately ~ 9-hour 7-minute trip).

The nearest border crossings:

  • Mostyska, Lviv region 138 km (approximately ~ 2-hour 49-minute trip),
  • Shehyni, Lviv region 151 km (approximately ~ 3-hour 1-minute trip),
  • Rava-Ruska, Lviv region 174 km (approximately ~ 3-hour 7-minute trip).

Road service

Dolyna is located at the crossing of important transport corridors, which connect different regions of Ukraine and have access to European countries. National motor roads H-10 Stryy-Chernivtsi-Mamalyha and P-38 Dolyna-Khust go through the town. Hence, Dolyna has direct and convenient access to regional centres of Western Ukraine such as Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi, one of two transport corridors in Transcarpathia, access to national motor road E-40.

Air & Railway service

The nearest airports:

  • international airport “Ivano-Frankivsk” – 68 km (by national motor road H10);
  • Danylo Halytskyi international airport “Lviv” – 114 km (by national motor road H10 and international motor road M06/E50).

Railway connection is represented by branch Lviv railway line Chernivtsi – Ivano-Frankivsk. To ensure the comfort of passengers a modern railway station operates in Dolyna.

4. Contacts

Dolyna town council

5 Nezalezhnosti Ave., Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, 77504.

Investment policy issues

Investments, energy efficiency and municipal development department of Dolyna town council

Nataliya Holovata – I category specialist
Volodymyr Smoliy – deputy town mayor
Tel. +38 (03477) 2-70-07, 2-70-30.
fax: +38 (03477) 2-70-35

5. Restaurants and hotels base


Hotel complex “Sofia”
70 Oblisky st., Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region,
Tel/fax: +38 (03477) 2-75-95,
Tel. +38 (03477) 2-75-92,
Mob.+38 050-43-30-100

Hotel “Knyaz Oleh”
38а, Oblisky st., Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
tel.: +38 (03477) 27722, +38 050 3732213

Motel “Alva”
67а B.Khmelnytskoho st., Dolyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
tel./fax: +38 (03477) 2 50 71
Mob. +38 095 087 27 45

Food and beverage facilities

Restaurant “Sofia”
70 Oblisky st., Dolyna
tel.: +38 (03477) 27595 or 27592

Cafe-bar “Impreza”
125a Oblisky st., Dolyna,
Tel.: +38 095 706 87 67

Cafe-pizzeria “San Remo”
3а Nezalezhnosti st., Dolyna,
Tel.: +38 066 248 22 11

Cafe-pizzeria “Mriya”
32 Hrushevskoho st., Dolyna
Tel.: +38 (03477) 28225

Pizzeria “Mamma Mia”
30а Hrushevskoho st., Dolyna
Tel.: +38 (03477) 28362

6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

Photographer - Roman Shymkovych

Photographer – Roman Shymkovych

Local stadium “Naftovyk”, where football tournaments are held annually, is an important sports facility in the town.

One of the sports facilities of youth self-development is children and youth sports school, which fosters love for sport and promotes healthy lifestyle. Trainees are involved into various sports: Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, volleyball, football, track-and-field athletics, swimming. As well there are available rehabilitation programs in swimming for children with musculoskeletal disorders.

There is separate “health group” for adults. There are 3 Greco-Roman wrestling prize-winners of Ukraine, freestyle wrestling European champions and world prize-winners (Oleksandr Chernetskyy – world cup-winner, participant of 30th summer Olympics in Beijing, Vasyl Rachyba – European champion in the weight category up to 84 kg).

Canoe club is located at local park-pond (Canoe paddling section). Cycle track with a total length of 3.35 km is equipped in Dolyna.

Health & Welfare

Medical facilities:

1. Central district hospital

  • Dolyna, 15 O.Hrytsey st.,
  • following departments operate: therapy, surgery, traumatology, neuralgia, intensive care, etc. Facility is designed for 280 beds.

2. Children’s town hospital

  • Dolyna, 23 Mitskevycha st.,
  • the hospital operates since 1977, is designed for 70 beds, children under 18 years of age are examined, ambulatory and consultative assistance is provided; 2 000 children are served, 14 000 domiciliary visits are made by the hospital per year.
  • 5 vehicles.

3. Children’s polyclinic

  • Dolyna, 9 Stepana Bandery st.,
  • children under 18 years of age are served by ORT, traumatologist, surgeon, optometrist, children’s gynaecologist, cardiologist, neurologist, etc.;

Social care institutions:

  • Dolyna children’s’ house “Teplyy dim”
  • Dolyna specialized boarding-school
  • Geriatric home in Vyhoda
  • NGO “Ty Angel”
  • Foundation “Nadiya ye”
  • Community foundation


Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, founded in 1967, the multidisciplinary educational institution of IV level of accreditation, trains oil and gas industry specialists. The University structure: Institute of Gas and Oil Engineering, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Institute, Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Economics and Management in Oil and Gas Complex, Energy Institute, Institute of Architecture, Construction and Tourism, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Institute of Humanitarian Training and Public Administration, Department of Military Training.

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University is one of the oldest educational institutions in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Structure: Foreign languages department, Philosophy department, Physics and technology department, Mathematics and informatics department, Economics department, Institute of history, Political science and international relations, Physical education and sports department, Institute of history, political science and international relations, Institute of natural sciences, Institute of tourism, Institute of philology, Institute of art, Pedagogical institute, Law institute, Educational and research institute of continuing education and distance learning.

Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, founded in 1945, the university of IV level of accreditation, provides training in: General medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Paediatrics, Nursing, Dental orthopaedic.

Subcarpathian Forestry College provides training in the following areas: “Forestry”, “Green building and horticulture”, “Accounting”, “Travel services”, “Land regulation”, “Forestry”, “Accounting”.


Dolyna district People’s House of culture carries out 11 amateur-talent groups, 9 of them are awarded the title of “People’s Amateur”.

Dolyna central district library is an informational and educational centre in the district. Its members can benefit from participating in literary studio “Slovo”, club “Zolota osin”, English club, information and resource centre “SVITOVYD”, centre of regional information “Dolyna region: day after day”.

Municipal brass band (photographer - Yurii Chernevyi)

Municipal brass band (photographer – Yurii Chernevyi)

History museum “Boyko land” of Tetyana and Omelyan Antonovych is one of the youngest museums in Carpathian region. It collects, studies and exhibits ethnographic collections, which represent the culture of Boykos. Reconstruction of Boyko house; Easter eggs embroidered by coloured threads; collection of dolls and sacred monuments XVI-XVIII centuries add spice to museum exhibitions.

Museum-kryyivka of rebel victory is located in people’s house “Prosvita”. It was built in a frame bunker. The museum presents exhibitions of UPA soldiers’ life.

Dolyna municipal brass band, founded in 2009, has captured all hearts of Dolyna inhabitants in a short time due to its masterly performance.


Photographer - Yurii Chernevyi

Photographer – Yurii Chernevyi

Festival of Boyko honey and crafts is a unique cultural and ethnographic festival, which is held annually on the last Sunday of August and brings together the best beekeepers and folk crafts not only from Boyko region, but also from all over Western Ukraine. On the feast of honey beekeepers come from all over Ukraine to treat to their sweet product and share innovations in honey business. Not just honey is presented, but also are various related products. Next to the honey pies the colourful diverse talents of Boyko, Pokuttya and Hutsul artists are represented on the square. Everyone can see folk embroidery, beading, and hand weaving in the form of gifts, jewellery and Ukrainian national clothes, macramé, crocheting, polymer clay products. The traditional venue of the festival is the central square of Dolyna, behind the monument to Mykhaylo Hrushevskyy.

Photographer - Yevhen Belous

Photographer – Yevhen Belous

Festival of vocal brass bands “Surmy Hir” is held in order to preserve, develop, promote brass music and brass bands, represent our beautiful town with developed European cultural potential, bright display all multifaceted and unique national flavour. This musical and theatrical performance is very symbolic in terms of the unity of musical culture and cultural traditions, promotion of brass music that will improve performance skills of brass bands, update and enrich their musical repertoire, it is a great opportunity for orchestral collectives to share experience and strengthen creative connections between themselves.

Mass sports and recreational activities are held on a regular basis, in particular, free-fight championship of Ukraine, sports events dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine, bike quest on the Town Day, mass touristic bike rides, and football and volleyball tournaments.

7. Economic potential of the town


The leading sector of the economy in Dolyna is industry, which concentrates most of the assets and employs most inhabitants. Today the leading industrial sector is oil and gas complex, represented by following enterprises:

Dolyna industrial (photographer - Ihor Yashchur)

Dolyna industrial (photographer – Ihor Yashchur)

  • OGPE “Dolynanafrogas” (oil and gas production, development and exploitation of oil, gas and gas condensate fields, oil and condensate processing and sales),
  • Prykarpattya management of drilling activities (construction of exploratory and operating oil and gas wells),
    JSC “Ukrspetstransgas” (transportation of liquefied hydrocarbon gases),
  • Dolyna gas processing plant (production of stable gas gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas),
  • Dolyna backfill management (works for casing cementing and cement bridging installing in wells).

Dolyna gas pipeline management directorate, which is located in Dolyna region, provides services on natural gas transportation, transits natural gas through the territory of Ukraine.

There are several light industry enterprises (LLC “Sewing factory “Dovira”, LLC “Spetsodyah”, Sewing factory “Edelveis”) and food industry enterprises (bakery “Kolobok” produces bread and bakery products).

Group of companies “Solodka Dolyna”, which specialization is confectionery production, is famous in Ukraine and abroad.

Individual entrepreneur M.Markovskyy produces TM “Lasunchyk” ice-cream.

Flock of sheep (photographer - Ihor Yashchur)

Flock of sheep (photographer – Ihor Yashchur)

Farm enterprise “ECO-Karpaty” grows sheep and goats, produces cheese. Complete range of products includes goat cheese, semi-hard cheese, ricotta, brinsen cheese.

LLC “Agro-Dolyna” grows blueberries seedlings (planting material propagated by in vitro culture technique).

Blueberry are grown by individual enterprise V.Dytynko.

Forestry and wood industry are also well developed in Dolyna district. LLC “Uniplyt” is a leader in wood-working industry in Ukraine in the segment of fibreboard.

Plant on mineral waters production LLC “Mizun”, LLC “Karpatski dzherela” operate in the district.

Strategic priority of the town is development of new industrial area (industrial park “Dolyna”), which should become a location place for new high technology and environmentally friendly production facilities.


Trade in Dolyna is conducted by a network of shops and markets. New modern trade establishments are at inhabitants disposal, including: shopping centres “Koshyk”, “Hermes”, “Avalon”; supermarkets “Kolibris”, “Nash kray”, “Supersam”; grocery stores “ABC”, “Kameliya”, “Slovyanka”; baby-goods store “Leleka”; jewellery shops “Adamas”, “Karat”; household goods stores ”Prestyzh”, “Svit tekhniky”, “Interyer”, “Tekhnoplyus”; craftwork store “Pysanka”, etc.

There are 6 permanent mixed type markets in Dolyna: markets of District consumer society, market “Insight”, “Kristof”, “Merkuriy”, car market and the youngest municipal market, founded in 2006, which is now actively being developed.


Transactions certifying (contracts, testaments, letters of attorney), certification of inheritance right, acquisition of property, certifying a true copy of the original documents and abbreviates, authenticity of signature on documents, fidelity of translation of documents from one language to another, other notary services are provided by private notaries Huba I.V., Ananevych O.M., Shevchenko I.H., Beley L.Y.

Dolyna district employment centre provides services on informing, recruiting and training.

18 transport vehicles, which belong to private conveyors, carry out local routs transportation in the field of passenger traffic. Average travel interval is 7 min. Taxi providers “Spartak”, “Shans”, “Ekonom-klas” operate in Dolyna.

LLC “Trans-Zakhid”, LLC “Yuromyr” are responsible for cargo transportation. Auto services are provided by PE Bik B.Y., LLC “Artrans”.

Significant role in touristic infrastructure of Dolyna region is played by rural green tourism. House estates “12 misyatsiv”, “U generala”, Y. Khalus, I. Kuzelyak, Masliya I. welcome guests to get acquainted with special aspects of national heritage (participating in Boyko wedding party, evening parties, baptism, Christmas carol singing), agricultural production, local craftsmanship (woodenware manufacturing, wool blankets weaving).

Travel agencies “Haryachi putivky”, “Tur-Svit”, “EuroTur”, and “Schengen” operate in Dolyna.

“Carpathian tram”, the only excursion route by narrow gauge railway, functions in Dolyna along the Mizunka river.

Institutions of business environment

Banks provide services of raising funds in deposits and precious metals from individuals and legal entities, opening and management of transaction accounts and carrying out credit operations. In Dolyna banking services are provided by Ukrsotsbank (part of international financial UniCredit Group), Raiffeisen Bank Aval (part of international financial group Raiffeisen International Bank Holding AG), UkrSibbank (part of international financial BNP Paribas Group), PrivatBank (the most stable bank with Ukrainian capital, the largest bank in terms of assets), “State Savings Bank of Ukraine”, Praveks-Bank, Idea Bank, bank “Natsionalnyy Kredyt”, “Finance and Credit” bank.

The town banks are focused on providing a full range of banking services at the highest level of customer service, creating of an atmosphere of mutually beneficial partnerships, protecting the interests of each client.

Services of raising funds, lending members are carried out also by credit unions. Credit union “Zlet”, founded by Dolyna inhabitants in 1997, emblazed good reputation and has been successfully developed.

Insurance services in Dolyna are provided by insurance companies: “Halytska”, “Oranta”, “Universalna”, “Providna”, Insurance company “TAS”, “Knyazha”. Insurance products formed a comprehensive insurance program, according to them each customer can insure his risks individually and in a single package.

Non-governmental organizations also hold their activity in the town: Centre of reform support and development, Foundation of Dolyna community. Investment attraction, investor support at each stage are provided by CE “Dolyna-Invest”.

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

Industrial park (investment site #1)

As industrial park in Dolyna is included in the Register of industrial parks, according to the law “On the industrial parks” management companies and initiators of establishment can benefit from interest-free loans and non-refundable target financing for industrial park infrastructure development by means of funds provided by the State Budget of Ukraine for the relevant year. As well:

the industrial park participants, the management companies and initiators of establishment are released from:

  • share participation in infrastructure development of settlements in case of construction projects within the industrial park;
  • customs duties on the machinery, equipment and components import that are not produced in Ukraine and are not taxed goods, for economic activities within the industrial parks;

The procedure of access to production areas for initiator and/or management company and industrial park participants within the industrial park (acquisition of ownership of state and municipal land site) is simplified (no need to conduct auctions) and the right for land within the industrial park is guaranteed.

There is a possibility of obtaining funds from the state or local budgets for financing measures of choosing the territory of industrial park and its infrastructure development on the lands of the state or municipal ownership.

Investment sites #2-4

Preferential share participation of 1 (one) UAH for production facilities (except excise goods) can be conducted due to separate decision of town council session upon consideration of specialized standing commission of the town council.

Investment sites #1-4

According to the Tax Code the minimum annual rent of 3% of the normative money value prior to initial operation, but no more than 3 years for land leased for construction.

Dolyna town council will provide comprehensive administrative, informational, consultative support for investors.

CE “Dolyna-Invest” provides services of personal support for investors, informational support, consulting at high quality level, provides cooperation between investor and state and local authorities by means of “one stop shop”.

Investment sites on map