1. Basic information about town

Brief description

Chortkiv is situated in forest-steppe zone of West-Podillia region, in valleys of the Seret river, the left-bank tributary of the Dniper river. Chortkiv is the town of regional subordinance, administrative, industrial and cultural centre in Ternopil region. Economic part of its settlement is a group of various production branches (combination of agro-industrial complexes with a group of mostly local enterprises).

St. Stanislav Church

St. Stanislav Church

Area – 11.2 km².

Population – 29.6 thousand.

The town of Chortkiv has a distinct central part with a range of architectural and historical buildings. Central part is mainly represented by the low-rise residential buildings of the end of XIX – beginning of XX centuries and some multi-storeyed and low-rise buildings of 60-s and 70-s.

Wooden Church of the Holy Mother of God

Wooden Church of the Holy Mother of God

Architectural monuments, valuable historical buildings, background buildings of central part give a peculiar flavour for the town. In the western part of the town there is a multi-storied building district. However, the architecture of the town is mostly low-rise. Due to low-rise buildings and agricultural lands the residential areas per 1 ha of the territory is not high.

Cathedral church

Cathedral church

All the municipal central institutions are located on the central square and in Tarasa Shevchenka and Stepana Bandery streets.

Chortkiv is a small beautiful historical town with a large number of architectural monuments. It is situated in close conjunction with the natural surroundings and is attractive to tourists. According to the urban master plan tourist service centres will be developed in southern and eastern parts of the town near traffic interchanges.

Urban development master plan(s)

On 26th November 2009 the municipal master plan was adopted.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water Supply

Water Supply

The centralized water supply covers all the right-bank town. The main source of water supply is two active water intakes: alluvial underground water and horizontal infiltration intake with water artificial replenishment through septic tanks. The second water intake is based on artesian wells located on the right bank of terrace above the flood-plain of the river Seret. Estimated total capacity of intake is 4.7 thousand m3/day. Besides this the centralized water supply is replenished by captive water sources in Rudkova Balka (700 m3/day) and Hnyla Balka (50 m3/day). Water is supplied day and night in the town.

In the town central part there are sewage headers formed of concrete pipes with diameter 600-1 200 mm. All the town multi-storied building part is equipped with sewage network. Part of private sector housing uses household septic tanks.

Electricity & Gas



The town is fully electrified. Services are provided by JSC “Ternopiloblenergo”.

The town is fully supplied with gas. The medium pressure gas pipe is served by PJSC “Ternopilgaz”.




Telecommunications (incl. Internet)



Telecommunication services in the town are provided by Bitternet, “TigerNet”, Ukrtelecom, etc.


3. Transport accessibility


The distances from Chortkiv to the nearest regional centres of Ukraine by motor roads:

Chortkiv Location

Chortkiv Location

  • Ternopil – 78 km,
  • Kyiv – 480 km,
  • Chernivtsi – 88 km,
  • Vinnytsya – 230 km,
  • Zhytomyr – 360 km,
  • Ivano-Frankivsk – 110 km,
  • Lviv – 200 km,
  • Rivne – 215 km,
  • Khmelnytskyy – 111 km.

Road service

An international motor road М19 (E85) goes through Chortkiv (European road, which starts in Klaipeda, Lithuania, and ends in Alexandropoulos, Greece. The total length is 2 300 km).

Air & Railway service

International airport “Ternopil” is located 3 km south-east far from Ternopil. The airport is in communal ownership of Ternopil regional council and covers an area of 164.29 ha.

There are two airport runways: main – 10/28, 2000*42 m, concrete surface, and old asphalt-concrete 12/30, which serves as a part of taxi way. 2 airport aprons may accommodate 6 aircrafts like Yak-42. Aerodrome meteorological minimum (lower limit of height of clouds and horizontal visibility) with a magnetic course (MC) 282° – 115*1700, 102° – 125*1800.

The aerodrome was certified on 11th February 2013 for 3 years and is ready to accept aircrafts with maximum take-off weight of up to 64.9 tons of type L-410, AN-28, AN-24, AN-2, AN-26, AN-30, Anti-72, An-32, Yak-40, Yak-42, AN-12, AN-140, AN-148, AN-158, Tu-134, Il-18, Airbus A320, Boeing B737 with a frequency of not more than five sorties a day, and helicopters of all types.

Railway routs through Chortkiv:

  • Kyiv–Chortkiv–Rakhiv
  • Moscow–Chortkiv–Sophia
  • Chernivtsi–Chortkiv–Kyiv
  • Kyiv–Chortkiv–Ivano-Frankivsk

4. Contacts

Chortkiv town council

New town hall

New town hall

Volodymyr Shmatko, the town mayor

21 Shevchenka st., Chortkiv 48500
Tel. +38 (03552) 2-27-98

Investment policy issues

Department of economic development, investments and communal ownership of executive committee of Chortkiv town council

Nataliya Mostovyk
Phone/fax: +38 (03552) 20385;
mob.: +38 (097) 3476047

5. Restaurants and hotels base


Hotel “Avianosets”+ restaurant, sauna
24 a Nezalezhnosti st.
tel. +38 (03552) 2-18-30

Hotel “Hetman” + restaurant, pizzeria, sauna
1а Volodymyra Velykoho st.
tel. +38 (03552) 3-12-84


Restaurant “Astoriya”
31 Podilska st.
tel. +38 (03552) 20775

Restaurant “Rayskyy kutochok”
94 a Kopychynetska st.
tel. +38 (03552) 2-61-43,
mob. +38 (066) 255-23-32

Pub “Sova”
1а Rynok
mob. +38 (095) 6408181, +38 (068) 1609143

6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

Municipal district children and youth sports school, football stadium “Kharchovyk” are operating in the town.

In 2011 sports complex “Economist” was developed on a base of Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business. It is very convenient to hold volleyball, basketball, handball tournaments there, even on international level. It has all the necessary infrastructure needed to athletes, judges, journalists and fans to feel comfortable. Sports complex comfortable stands can accommodate six hundred people – athletes, referees, spectators, media representatives. The newest ventilation systems, heating, modern flooring in the hall, equipped conference room, medical and massage rooms, showers are established there.

Health & Welfare

Medical care is provided to Chortkiv town and district residents by central communal district hospital for 380 bed places, district polyclinic department for 850 visits, communal establishment Centre for primary medical healthcare, dermatovenerologic dispensary, TB dispensary, maternity hospital.

New methods of diagnosis and therapy are used in Chortkiv central hospital.


State Medical College

State Medical College

  • Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business of Ternopil National Economic University
  • College of Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business of Ternopil National Economic University
  • Chortkiv State Medical College
  • Chortkiv Oleksandr Barvinskyy Humanitarian and Pedagogical College
  • Chortkiv Bishop Hryhoriy Khomyshyn Diaconate Catechetical Academy
  • State Educational Institution “Chortkiv higher vocational school”


Chortkiv Kateryna Rubchakova district house of culture was recognized to be the best cultural institution in Ternopil region in 2006, it was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the third place in the nationwide competition of regional cultural centres.

Main goal of the house of culture is to develop all types and genres of amateur art, raise natural rate of amateur teams, provide appropriate conditions for their creative activity; revive and promote the best examples of Ukrainian song; find new names; promote best performers.


The town has conducted activity on attracting hairdressing services businesses to participate in workshops and competitions. On March 14, 2014 in Ternopil trade-entertainment centre “Podolyany” the XII regional hairdressers’ art competition was held – “Magic hairstyle 2014”, where representatives of Chortkiv took part and were awarded with diplomas of Ternopil Regional State Administration. The town of Chortkiv won the cup and was awarded with diploma for the second team place.

7. Economic potential of the town


JSC “Chortkiv sugar plant”, PE “Chortkivsyr”, PE “Chortkivmoloko”, Public enterprise “Chortkiv bakery plant”, LLC “Vavryk and Co” Ltd, PE «Kolobok” represent food production, provide agricultural products processing in the south of Ternopil region, and sell it in Ternopil region, as well as outside;

JSC “Chortkiv plant “Agromash” represents the machinery branch, Billerbeck Ukraine feather and down factory – textile production.

Food industry is leading branch in the town on volumes of production and in the number of personnel. The raw material base for the industry is the farmers and the private sector.

Further industry development in Chortkiv will be based mainly on increasing of capacity and the technical level of existing enterprises and the completion of new industrial facilities construction.


Trade branch in Chortkiv is represented by 475 trade institutions with total area of 29.6 thousand m2. 96.7% of total number of trade enterprises belong to individual entrepreneurs, 3.3% – to legal entities. In the field of restaurant management there are 26 enterprises with 1 050 seats in the town. Also, there are two markets: municipal market (250 trading places) and Chortkiv market of district cooperative society (341 trading places). New constructions are carried as well as old buildings are renovated in the town.

During the year various fairs and itinerant trade are conducted, where agricultural producers sell their products at preferential prices.


In 2015 Centre of administrative services, which provides administrative services, was launched.

Chortkiv communal enterprises plant provides sewage services (12 000 inhabitants are served); Public enterprise “Chrotkiv Dim” provided services on houses, buildings and surrounding grounds maintenance (98 multi-stories buildings are served).

Among the most developed consumer public services branches in the town are: hairdresser’s, vehicles repair and maintenance, tailoring repairs and shoe repair, electrical equipment repair, funeral services, photo services, dry cleaning. The services are provided by public entities. 90.3% of total number of enterprises belong to individual enterprisers, 9.7% – to legal entities.

The following enterprises also operates in the town: LLC “Nova Poshta”, Chrotkiv division of telecommunication centre #7 of JSC “Ukrtelecom” Ternopil branch, JSC transport enterprise 16142, etc.

Institutions of business environment


JSC „BS Bank”, JSC „Megabank”, JSC „Miskyy komertsiynyy bank”, JSC „State Savings Bank of Ukraine”, JSC „Praveks-Bank”, JSC „PrivatBank”, JSC „Raiffeisen Bank “Aval”, JSC „Ukrgazbank”, JSC „Ukreksimbank”, JSC „Ukrsibbank”, JSC “Ukrsotsbank”, UniCredit Bank ™, JSC „Khreshchatyk”, VS Bank, Universal Bank, UniCredit Bank

Financial institutions (credit unions, mutual crediting institutions):

Credit union “Samopomich”, Credit union “Dovira”, Credit union branch “Alliance-Ukraine”, Credit union branch “Ternopil 2004”

Insurance companies:

Stock insurance company “ORANTA” branch, Insurance company “Insurance group TAS”, Branch of JSC “Ukrayinska pozhezhno-strakhova kompaniya”, JSC IC “Providna”

Business centres:

Sector of informational service department of central library.

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

  • rental charges lower limits establishment (from 12% to 3%) from expert value;
  • request to the Parliament of Ukraine on dismissal from income tax for a certain period;
  • support on communications development on site if needed;
  • exemption from share participation charge for infrastructure development;
  • local government representative who will support and consult investor.

Investment sites on map