Burshtyn Site #1

Industrial park “Burshtyn”


Location of investment site Industrial park site is located in northern industrial part of the town along motor road Н 09 “Mukachevo–Ivano-Frankivsk–Rogatyn–Lviv” 91 km far from Lviv and 44 km from administrative centre Ivano-Frankivsk.
Physically, the site is bounded by the motor road Н 09 on the west, by industrial area on the north, by bypass channel of Burshtyn TES on the east, by housing building on the south.

Burshtyn Investment Site # 1

Investment Site # 1

Geographical location of investment site 49°16’38.87″N 24°37’20.94″E
Area of investment site Industrial park site is a reserve agricultural lands (grazing) 37 ha in area with industrial and municipal purpose according to the general urban plan.
With a total indicative land area of 37 ha, the distribution of land sites and project development are limited by protective zone of infrastructure, what reduces the useful area for the development up to 34 ha.
Attraction of socially conscious investor at the first stage of filling the park 8.9 ha in area should be the primary task for establishment and successful development of the industrial park. The second stage will be to develop the site with useful area of 25 ha.
Land specification The site relief is flat, elevation changes from north to south is about 1 m, from west to east – 1 m.
Two-meter deep 4 land reclamation canals go across the land site.
No dangerous geological processes (landslides, karst) have been observed yet. There are multiple ground water discharges, groundwater occurrence at the time of the survey is 0.8-1.2 m.
Premises (buildings) on site if any There are three private housing buildings standing alone on the land site, and unfinished building of industrial use.
Ownership Communal property.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) According to the State register of rights on immovable estate the site should be used for allocation and operation of basic, ancillary and auxiliary buildings and constructions of processing, engineering and other industries.
Industrial park site is a reserve agricultural lands (grazing) 37 ha in area with industrial and municipal purpose according to the general urban plan.
Technical infrastructure Electricity supply system
The nearest substation “Burshtyn” 35/10 kV, owned by JSC “Prykarpattyaoblenergo”, is located 3 km far from the industrial park site and serves consumers in Burshtyn and several villages.
Substation “Burshtyn” is connected to 35 kV electric power line of 110/35 kV substation. 35 kV electric power line is 2.5 km far from the industrial park site and might be potential connecting point for consumers.Water supply – objects and capacity of current water supply network cannot provide centralized water supply for industrial consumers of the industrial park and impose meaningful limitations on industrial activity prospects.Gas supplyIntermediate pressure gas pipe (working pressure 12 kgf/cm2), steel pipe diameter 219 mm, owned by “Ternopiltransgas” company and connected to GDS “Burshtyn”, goes immediately next to the site, as well as gas control point GCP 109 provides gas supply for private consumers for housing heating and municipal needs with low pressure, is owned by JSC “Ivano-Frankivskgas”.Sewerage and water treatment
There is no sewage network near the industrial park site. The nearest municipal SPS #3 is 1.5 km far from the northern boundary. Municipal sewage networks are worn out by 60%. There are plans for reconstruction and expansion of municipal sewage system with prolongation of sewage collector along the line of private housing up to the industrial park boundary.
Telecommunications infrastructure The industrial park site from the motor road H 09 is limited with fibre optic cable of communication “Ukrtelecom”, so the only option for providing telecommunications services is the adherence to the abovementioned cable.
Distance to the nearest residential area 800 m
Transport links to investment site The site is located along motor road Н 09 “Mukachevo–Ivano-Frankivsk–Rogatyn–Lviv” 91 km far from Lviv and 44 km from administrative centre Ivano-Frankivsk.
1. International airport “Ivano-Frankivsk” (39.0 km)
2. LWO – International airport Lviv (93.5 km).The nearest cargo-passenger railway station “Burshtyn” is 5 km far from the site.
Limits in territory development if any The main requirement of environmental services is prohibition to allocate chemical industries, industries with high emissions and similar industries with environmental impact.
Significant concentrations of emissions are caused by industrial activities of Burshtyn TES. Solid waste products are stored and partially disposed at certified landfill, located 14 km from the site of the industrial park. Utilization of the lamps, which contain mercury and other chemicals, will be carried out by specialized companies.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation
  • Sites lend-lease
  • Building with further sale or lease.
Estimated value of investment territory None