Western Ukraine

Western Ukraine

Western Ukraine is bordering the European Union, and due to its favorable geographical location is a gateway to Ukraine for the Europeans. West Ukraine is a crossroads of trade routes between Europe and Asia.

Today Western Ukraine is the most attractive for investment in Ukraine. There are many factors that influence the investment in the region. The most important for the convenience of investors is the well-developed infrastructure, proximity to the border, organized areas that can be used in the investment projects implementation.

Constantly growing large domestic market opens for the investors an access to more than 100 million consumers in Ukraine, Russia, Europe, and Asia.

Our strategic task is to facilitate to the maximum the investment in the region, to introduce the modern forms of partnership between the government and investors focused on the coordination of the interests of all parties.

We present you the site “Investment proposals of Western Ukraine”, where you have the opportunity to obtain the basic information about the region, leading trends and the most important indices of economic development, and the priority investment objects. Our goal is the development of Western Ukraine as the region of sustainable economic and entrepreneurial development, which means the introduction of a favorable environment for entrepreneurship.

We invite you to a region of an ancient history, good traditions and a big potential. We are confident that Western Ukraine will be a reliable and promising area for your business development.