Yavoriv Site # 1

Yavoriv Industrial Park


Location of investment site The site is located 7 km far from Ukrainian-Polish customs “Budomierz-Hrushiv”.

Yavoriv: Investment Site # 1

Investment Site # 1

Geographical location of investment site 50°05’38.4″N 23°20’48.2″E
Area of investment site 40 ha:

  • land plot having the cadastral number 4625884200:01:000:0074 with a total area of 29.85 ha,
  • land plot having the cadastral number 4625855900:03:000:0078 with a total area of 10.15 ha.
Land specification The park territory is a land site with flat surface, located at a height of 230 m above sea level.
Premises (buildings) on site if any There is no premise on the site.
Ownership Ownership of the Yavoriv district council.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) The designation purpose of the land sites: 11.01 “Production activity” that allows to change the purpose of land with no expense and implement the project of the industrial park construction and development. The distance from the park location to the Polish border is 5 km; in the long term it will enable providing of own transport corridor in the direction of Lubaczow (Poland) with customs clearance within the territory of facility.
Technical infrastructure Electricity network accessibility and its characteristics

The total electric power consumption should be 4 800 kW/h or 11 981 000 kW per year. 110 kV capacity electric power line, subordinated to “Lvivoblenergo”, is located 1.3 km far from the territory of the industrial park and currently its load is only 10% of its capacity. For electric power lines connection it is needed to get the specifications from ”Lvivoblenergo”, build step-down transformer substation 110/10 kV and lay about 4 km of electric networks in the territory of the industrial park.

Water supply network accessibility and its characteristics

The industrial water consumption should be 144 m3/h or 359 424 m3 per year. The drinking water consumption should be 96 m3/h or 239 616 m3 per year. The total daily water consumption for the fully operating industrial park may be about 2 000 m3, in particular 1 200 m3 of industrial water and 800 m3 of drinking water. Industrial water supply can be provided from Hrushiv water reservoir by building a pumping station with a capacity of 2 000 m3 of water per twenty-four hours. For drinking water supply it is conceptually provided to construct an artesian well in the park sanitary area and build a water tower with a capacity of daily intake of drinking water. Pipeline network should be developed with 300 mm diameter pipes for the main pipeline and 100-200 mm diameter for minor network.

Gas network accessibility and its characteristics

The gas consumption should be 3 200 m3/h or 7 988 000 m3 per year.
The distance from the industrial park boundary to the 1.2 MPa distribution pipeline of Bibrka production department of Gas Transmittal Pipelines Administration (GTPA) “Lvivtransgas” is 1.3 km. Pipeline allows to fully meet the needs of the industrial park; due to a small pressure a gas distribution station is not needed to be built. The gas pipeline connection requires authorization and technical specifications of GTPA “Lvivtransgas”. For a complete gas supply for the industrial park there should be laid a gas pipeline with a diameter of 200 mm and a length of about 2.4 km.

Sewerage network accessibility and its characteristics

Water disposal system in the industrial park should ensure complete disposal of used water and its utilization, as well as surface drainage. Thus, the capacity of the industrial park sewer system should be about 2 200 m3 of water per day. Main water disposal network should be developed with 800 mm diameter pipes, secondary network and surface water drainage system with 300-500 mm diameter pipes. Total water disposal system network should be about 3.0 km. For sewage disposal it is conceptually provided to construct a sewage treatment station of biological treatment in the sanitary zone of the industrial park.
Water treated through the drainage system will be delivered in Hrushiv reservoir. Activated sludge, formed during the treatment, may be supplied to the district agricultural enterprises as an active biological fertilizer.

Telecommunications infrastructure The whole range of telecommunication services is provided by mobile communication system established by companies “Kyivstar”, “Astelit”, “MTS Ukraine”. The Internet based on radio communication is provided by “Net Star”.
Distance to the nearest residential area The calculations are not carried out.
Transport links to investment site Directly on the industrial park territory there is a transport junction with directions to: small town of Nemyriv, then through customs entry point in Rava-Ruska to Zamosc (Poland); Yavoriv, then along the motor road M10 to Lviv; small town of Krakovets, then through customs entry point to Jaroslaw (Poland).

Customs entry point Hrushiv-Budomierz, which leads to Polish town of Lubaczow along the local road 866, is located 5 km far from the object. The distances from the object to:

  • customs entry point Krakovets: 28 km,
  • customs entry point Rava-Ruska: 34 km,
  • customs entry point Hrushiv: 5 km,
  • Lviv: 68 km,
  • Jaroslaw: 55 km,
  • Zamosc: 92 km,
  • Lubaczow along the direct road 866: 17 km.

500 m far from the object there is a railway branch leading to Verblyany station and then to Lviv station.

Limits in territory development if any None
Terms of investment site transfer in operation Sale or leasing.
Estimated value of investment territory To reduce possible financial risks associated with the devaluation of the national currency, the calculations were conducted in euro at the rate of 1 UAH=16 Euro. The approximate costs necessary to activity arrangement amount about 7 mln Euro (112.7 mln UAH).