1. Basic information about the Truskavets

Brief description

Resort town Truskavets is located in Lviv region (in western part of Ukraine), 90 km far from Lviv and 86 km far from the border with Poland.

Mineral water source

Mineral water source

Area — 8 km².

Population — 20.7 thousand of inhabitants. 29.3 thousand together with floating population.

Truskavets is a famous balneotherapeutic health resort, unique and one of the oldest resorts in Europe, rich in its mineral waters from 14 natural sources.

The unique one is “Naftusya”, the hydrocarbonate magnesium-calcium water with a high content of organic substances of petroleum origin. It is a town of regional subordinance, which lies at foothills of the Eastern Carpathians, its altitude makes 350 metres above sea level. This is a cosy and pure ecological zone. The climate is warm moderate-continental with an average annual temperature of +7.6˚С.

Villa Nabi

Villa Nabi

Historical buildings are preserved: farmstead house (zakopane style villas), low-rise and high-rise buildings.

The length of roads is 42.8 km. There are two mineral water pump rooms in the town. Arboretum resort covers an area of 42 ha. Economic profile is determined by the health resort industry based on natural health factor of the resort – mineral waters. 70 health resort institutions for 12 945 beds operate in the town, among them there are 24 health resorts, 7 pensions, 26 hotels and 16 villas. More than 200 thousand people improve their health annually, including up to 50 thousand of foreigners from 63 countries.

Labour potential is more than 12 thousand persons, up to 60% of working people arrive from the surrounding areas.

Urban development master plan

Truskavets is town of health

The resort town has been developed according to the documents, approved by the town council:

Development concept of the Truskavets resort (1990);

The adjusted Master Plan (2011).

General plan stipulates a model of the resort economic development based on balneological resources as well as on recreational industry development, taking into the consideration territorial and recreation resources. The development strategy stipulates gradual transition from exclusively treatment sphere to therapeutic recreation. Medical tourism development is also promising.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water Supply

Water Supply

The network length is 49.3 km, level of water line equipment in residential areas equals 97.4%. During 2014 1 059 m of water supply networks were replaced. The scheme of centralized water supply is being optimized using computer-designed hydraulic model of water supply networks in the town, which has to provide comfortable pressure supply of drinking water to consumers.

The network length is 23.3 km, level of sewer line equipment in residential areas equals 97.4%. During 2014 759 m of sewage network were replaced.

Electricity & Gas



The exterior lighting network length is 56.6 km, in particular: 22.3 km of cable networks, 34.3 km of overhead networks. Number of lighting points is 1 631. The costs of exterior lighting maintenance are 585.0 thousand UAH.



The network length is 53.6 km, level of gas line equipment in residential areas equals 100.0%. The program of transition to autonomous and individual heating has been developed and implemented. 5 215 apartment owners (75%) use individual heating.

Telecommunications (incl. Internet)



Telecommunication services are provided by Volia, Ukrtelecom, Radionetwork, Kyivstar (Interactive TV, mobile telecommunication, the Internet, including broadband Internet).
For the time being there are 6 218 units of fixed home telephone numbers).



3. Transport accessibility


Truskavets location

Truskavets location

The distance to Kyiv is 640 km, trip duration lasts 7-11 hours by train, 10 hours by car;
the distance to Lviv is 90 km, trip duration lasts 2.5 hours by train, 2 hours by bus;
the distance to Drohobych (district centre) is 9 km, trip duration 20 min by bus.

The distances and trip durations to the nearest border crossing points:
to Poland – 86 km, 2 hours by car, to Slovakia – 175 km, 4 hours by car, to Hungary – 232 km, 4.5 hours by car, to Romania – 275 km, 5 hours by car.

Road service

Local roads Truskavets–Drohobych, Truskavets–Lviv. The distance to the motor road E50 is 30 km.

Air & Railway service

The distance to the international airport in Lviv is 90 km. You can get there by coach Truskavets–Lviv, taxi, or electrical train Truskavets–Lviv.

The town has railway connection (Truskavets station). Electrical trains, passenger trains Truskavets–Kyiv, Truskavets–Dnipropetrovsk, high-speed train Intercity Truskavets–Kyiv go between Truskavets and Lviv. Branch railway lines for overload are 10 km far from Truskavets in Stebnyk and Drohobych.

4. Contacts

Truskavets town council

2 Boryslavska st. , Truskavets, 82200, Ukraine

Resort development planning and investment control department
tel. +38 (03247) 6-66-77;


5. Restaurants and hotels base


Rixos Prykarpattya hotel

Rixos Prykarpattya hotel

Chale Graal aparthotel

Chale Graal aparthotel

“Rixos Prykarpattya” hotel, 8 Horodyshche st.,
tel. +38 (03247) 7-11-11;

“Mirotel Rezort@Spa” hotel, 1 Maydan Kobzarya,
tel. +38 (03247) 6-00-57;

“Chale Graal” aparthotel, 60а Sukhovolya st.,
tel. +38 (03247) 7-12-02;

Recreation complex “Karpaty”, 2 Karpatska st.,
tel. +38 (03247) 6-29-39;

“Geneva” hotel, 61 Sukhovolya st.,
tel. +38 (03247) 7-37-30;

Food establishments

“Е-moe” ethno-restaurant

“Е-moe” ethno-restaurant

“Dolce Vita” cafe
11 Heroiv UPA st., tel. +38 (03247)5-01-99;

“Е-moe” ethno-restaurant
8 Horodyshche st., tel. +38 (03247) 6-80-76;

Restaurant-pizzeria “Dvoryk Leva”
2 Riznyaka-Makomatskoho st., tel. +38 (03247) 6-69-36;

Restaurant “Beskyd”
33 Drohobytska st., tel. +38 (03247)5-54-50;

Restaurant “Ya i Ty”
2 Danyla Halytskoho st., tel. +38 (03247)5-34-64.


6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

Children and youth sports school “Sportovets”. 13 sports grounds, in particular 3 of which are with training equipment, 11 sports halls, 2 swimming pools (25 m). Streetball, volleyball, table tennis, chess tournaments and freestyle wrestling demonstration take place.

Health & Welfare

International clinic of rehabilitation

International clinic of rehabilitation

  • Public hospital for 210 beds with Centre of minimally invasive surgery,
  • Public polyclinic for 420 visit per shift,
  • 2 balneo- ozokeritotherapy hospitals (bathes, ozokerit, physiotherapy procedures, magnotherapy, etc.),
  • 2 resort polyclinics,
  • Medical diagnostic centre,
  • International clinic of rehabilitation (rehabilitation technology by Professor Kozyavkin) for 200 beds,
  • Branch of Lviv social rehabilitation centre for handicapped children (health retreat “Dzherelo”) for 16 beds,
  • Truskavets territorial centre of social services (social service provision), 6 SPA-centres with recreation services.


In the town there are 3 secondary schools, one of which is gymnasium, and Mykhaylo Hrushevskyy Prykarpattya Institute – the branch of Inter-Regional Academy of Personnel Management (marketing and enterprise management).

In Stebnyk there is professional lyceum (electrician, cook, drywall constructions installer, painter, plasterer).

In Drohobych:

  • Drohobych Mechanic and Technological College (material machining and automatic processing technologies, tool-making facilities, controlling and automation systems service, accounting, software development),
  • Drohobych Oil Technical School (oil and gas fields maintenance and repairs, oil and gas processing, oil and gas wells operation),
  • Drohobych College of Statistics of National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (accounting, marketing activity),
  • Higher Vocational School #19 (food technology, hairdresser, painter, plasterer, facer-tiler, car mechanic, carpenter, wood working machine operator),
  • Drohobych Vocational and Polytechnic Lyceum (electric and gas welder, blacksmithing worker, wireman, radio-mechanic, tailor, cook),
  • Drohobych Medical Training School,
  • Drohobych Academy of Music,
  • Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogics University,
  • “Lviv Polytechnic” Educational and Research Institute of Business and Advanced Technologies.


M. Bilas Art Museum

M. Bilas Art Museum

  • The Town History Museum, M. Bilas Art Museum (master tapestry weaving),
  • The People’s House,
  • Taras Shevchenko Park of Culture,
  • Children’s Art School,
  • House of Student Creativity,
  • Public Library,
  • Art Gallery,
  • “Zlata” cinema,
  • Entertainment complex “Millennium”.


  • All Ukrainian festival-contest of children creativity “Yaskrava Krayina” and regional festival of winter folklore “Oy raduysya, zemle…” are held every year in January;
  • All Ukrainian tennis youth tournament “Zymovyy Truskavets” – every year in February;
  • Municipal festival-contest “Melodiya Namysta” (dedicated to the Mother’s Day) – every year in May;
  • First International contest-festival of children and youth art “Empire of arts” (“Imperiya Mystetstv”) – in May 2015;

  • The Town Day – every year in June;
  • Orchestra festival “Yaskrava symfoniya Prykarpattya” – every year in June;
  • The Youth day – every year in June;
  • Festival “Yedyna Krayina. Zirkafest” – every year in July;
  • The Ukraine’s Independence Day – every year in August;
  • Celebration of the International Tourism Day – every year in September;
  • The International film festival “Korona Karpat” – every year in November;
  • All Ukrainian free wrestling youth tournament “Truskavetski Dzherela” – every year in November;
  • Celebration of Saint Nicolas Day – every year in December.

7. Economic potential of the town


Truskavetska mineral water

Truskavetska mineral water

  • The mineral water production and distribution enterprises (JSC “T.S.B., Enterprise with foreign investments LLC “Aqua-Eco”),
  • Water metering devices production and calibration (SPE “Takt”),
  • Dairy production (LLC “Karpatski Luky”),
  • Wood manufacturing (PE “Budivelnyk”).


Wholesale: food products – 4 units, manufactured goods – 28 units, retail trading: food products – 65 units, manufactured goods – 96 units, pharmacies – 20 units, petrol stations – 3 units, markets – 3 units.

The biggest retail facilities:

  • “Furshet” store, 54a Sukhovolya st.;
  • “Barvinok” store, 3 Chornovola st.;
  • “Kolibris” store, 21 Vorobkevycha st.;
  • “Rukavychka” stores, 3 Lesi Ukrayinky st., 4 Dovzhenka st., 9 Danylyshynykh st.;
  • Shopping centre “Slavutych”, 27 Stebnytska st.;
  • Shopping centre “Europa” Stebnytska street;
  • Shopping centre “KUB”, 14 Shevchenka st.;
  • “Tekhnolyuks” store, 72 Stebnytska st.;
  • Store “Budivelni tekhnolohiyi XXI stolittya”, 1b Chornovola st.


Core services: therapeutic resort (resort treatment, accommodation and meals) – 31 units, and hotel services – 42 units, besides this there are services on real estate activities.

Personal services are as following: 31 hairdresser’s and beauty salons, 1 dry-cleaner’s, 5 photo studios, 3 vehicle service stations, 8 clothes repairs, 7 shoes repairs, 1 watch repairs, 1 key repairs, 3 instrument repairs.

Institutions of business environment

Bank branches – 12 units. (PrivatBank, State Savings Bank of Ukraine, Raiffeisen Bank “Aval”, Khreshchatyk, Unicreditbank etc.), insurance companies – 9 units (Providna, Oranta, VUSO, UNiQA, Globus, Universalna, Knyazha, Pozhezhna, Omega), credit unions – 2 units (Boykivshchyna, Vidrodzhennya).

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

  • Local budget tax and fee relief at the starting stage of the project / by the time of commissioning;
  • Assistance in obtaining administrative decisions and permits, local authorities support at all project phases;
  • Assistance in recruitment;
  • Assistance in establishing contacts with companies and organizations in the town;
  • Access to the information necessary for the investor on the part of local authorities.

Investment sites on map