1. Basic information about town

Brief description

The town of Mostyska (Lviv region) is an administrative centre of Mostyska district. It is located in south-west part of Lviv region. It is one of the most ancient towns in the region.

View of town

View of town

Area – 13.9 km².

Population – 9.3 thousand.

Mostyska is one of the most ancient towns in Ukrainian Subcarpathia. This is evidenced by archaeological data and the Galician–Volynian Chronicle. The first written notice about Mostyska dates from 1392. The town’s name is connected with bridges (mosty in Ukrainian) which surround it from four sides till now.

St. John the Baptist Church, 1604

St. John the Baptist Church

Back in the Middle Ages, the town was a significant trade and craft centre at Western-Ukrainian lands; an important way from Western Europe to Rus ran through it. In 1404 Mostyska received Magdeburg right to government. The town had a typical medieval building: the market with the town hall was situated in the center and straight streets ran from it to all four sides. In the Middle Ages the town was well fortified, had ditches around it, walls, that protected the population from enemy attacks. The traces of these buildings can be seen today in the northeastern part of the town and the center has retained its historical planning.

The Main European Watershed runs along Mostyska district area.

Urban development master plan(s)

Urban master plan was developed in 1994. Today the up-date master plan is at its final stage.

2. Infrastructure availability in the town

Water supply & Sewage discharge

Water supply network was put into operation in 1965. Its length is 16 km. The water supply system is in normal operating conditions.

The town sewage network was put into operation in 1982. Its length is 12 km. the sewage network is in normal operating conditions.

Electricity & Gas

The town electrification is in average operating conditions. The area of electricity supply in Mostyska district equals 845 km2. The overhead power lines length within the district is 1 364.3 km.

The town gas supply is in average operating conditions. The gas production increases each year. The gas supply level in the region is more than 74%.

Telecommunications (incl. Internet)

The high-speed Internet connection is available in the town (services are provided by a private enterprise and JSC “Ukrtelecom”). Connection to the local telephone network is also available.


3. Transport accessibility


Mostyska location

Mostyska location

The distance to Kyiv is 607 km. The distance to Lviv, the regional centre, is 65 km. The distance to the nearest border crossing is 18 km.

Road service

The motor road E40, which is included into the list of international roads, and local road T1415 Mostyska-Sadkovychi-Sambir go through the town.

Air & Railway service

The nearest airport is Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv”, which is located 65 km far from the town.

The town has a railway station. Two international trains Lviv–Wroclaw and Lviv–Przemysl, and regional electric trains run through it. Since October 12, 2010 train routes #6105/6106, #6109/6116, #6117/6122 Lviv–Mostyska-2 have been extended to the state border with Poland.

4. Contacts

Mostyska town council

Town hall

Town hall

Serhii Storozhuk, the town mayor

6 Hryshevskoho st., Mostyska, Lviv region, 81300, Ukraine
Tel./fax: +38 (03-234) 4-14-87

Investment policy issues

Lyubomyr Koretskyy, the town deputy mayor

Tel./fax: +38 (03-234) 4-14-92;

5. Restaurants and hotels base


Leisure complex „Skyrta”
Mostyska, 327 Shevchenka st.,
tel.: +38 (03234) 2-51-77,
mob.: +38 (067) 314-64-46,

Leisure complex „Myslywec”
Mostyska, 49b Hrushevskoho st.,
tel.: +38 (03234) 2-51-33,
mob.: +38 (098) 901-54-24

Hotel „Ariadna”
Mostyska, 3 Kostiushka st.,
tel.: +38 (03234) 4-15-86

Hotel „Korona”
Mostyska, 154 Shevchenka st.,
tel.: +38 (03234) 4-13-22
mob.: +38 (067) 672-27-78

Hotel „Mirazh”
Sudova Vyshnia, 205 Zagorody st.,
tel.: +38 (03234) 37-967

Services are provided by motels: a motel near the petrol station “Igvol”, and motel “Mriya”.

Food and beverage facilities

Auto-grill “Myslyvets”

Auto-grill “Myslyvets”

  • auto-grill “Myslyvets”,
  • restaurant “Papilon”,
  • leisure complex “Tsytadel”,
  • restaurant “Mriya”,
  • pizzeria “Gold”.

6. Social and cultural base

Sport facilities

  • Stadium “Karpaty”,
  • Children and youth sports school.

Health & Welfare

  • Mostyska central district hospital,
  • Mostyska district polyclinic,
  • Veterinary laboratory,
  • Employment Center.


School in the Strachocki's palace (1820-1830 )

School in the Strachocki’s palace

In the town there are:

  • Mostyska preschool,
  • secondary schools #1, #2,
  • secondary school #3 with Polish language learning,
  • a base secondary school,
  • a children art school,
  • a children and youth sports school.

The nearest educational institutions, which conduct trade programme trainings, are:

  • Sudova Vyshnya vocational lyceum (Mostyska district, Sudova Vyshnya),
  • Nyzhankovychi vocational lyceum (Staryy Sambir district, Nyzhankovychi).

The nearest big educational centre is the city of Lviv (65 km far). There are 8 national higher educational institutions, more than 20 other higher educational institutions, more than 20 specialized secondary educational institutions.


People’s House in Mostyska, where all celebrations, cultural and educational events, concerts and performances are held. Folk groups, children’s dance and theater studios are working here and entertain the audience with their creativity.

Historical museum “Mostyshchyna”. Its collection numbers 1855 units. Among them there are sites of archaeology, ancient furniture, things, paintings, 300 books of rare editions, weapon and so on.

The central district library with the area of over 410 sq.m. has large reading hall, library fund of 40 thousand books. The club for the elderly “Nadvechirya” works in the library. The school age children are served by the district library for children with the library fund of 25 thousand books.


Annual Easter fair, sports football cups.

Gradually Mostyska becomes the jazz town. In 2014 the concert in format of “Lviv Jazz Fest” Project was conducted for the fist time. The next concert took place in December 2015 in the framework of Winter “Jazz Bez” Festival.

7. Economic potential of the town


In the town there are enterprises producing plastics materials, manufacturing monuments, forged products, concrete products.


There are trade complexes, shops, shopping centre, supermarkets in the town.


The following services are provided to the inhabitants: customs brokerage services, automobile transportation services, dental, pharmacy, consumer services, and cosmetic services.

Institutions of business environment

Credit union “Shchedrist” holds it activity within the territory of the town.

There are JSC “Privat bank” branch, JSC “Credit Agricole Bank”, Mostyska branch of “AVAL”, Mostyska branch of “Saving Bank of Ukraine”, “INDEX BANK” branch, “Bank Lviv” branch.

8. Investment incentives

Investment incentives

  • Reducing the land tax rate, immovable estate tax other than land.
  • Reducing the interest rate for the payments of share participation in the engineering, transport and social infrastructure development.
  • Assistance in finding and attracting of qualified personnel.
  • Assistance in the utilitieslaying, and infrastructure improvement.
  • Assistance in the preparation of documents on land sales.

Investment sites on map