Dubno Site # 1

Industrial park

Location of investment site Semydubska street (the town suburb).
The territory of the site borders north-west on Ukrzaliznytsya lands, east – on agricultural lands, north-east – on Rachyn village council lands, south-west – on lands of Rivne region motor road services.

Dubno: Investment Site # 1

Investment Site # 1

Geographical location of investment site 50°23’45.5″N 25°46’39.0″E
Area of investment site An integral investment site with an area of 44.7 ha.
Land specification Flat, there is no solid surface. There is a possibility of spring water on the site.
Premises (buildings) on site if any There is no premise on the site (greenfield).
Ownership Communal, for industrial park creation.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) Reserve land of industry, transport and communications (development of a new industrial production, business activity realization, warehouse management).
Technical infrastructure Electric power supply:
The nearest substation is in a sugar plant area, the straight-line distance is 3 200 m. For connection the substation will require additional equipment arrangement, designed to work with 10 kV electric current.Water supply:
Municipal water network. The distance to the connection point is 200 m.Gas supply:
The distance to gas network is 200 m, to gas distribution station – 2 000 m. Pressure is average. There is a possibility to connect to high pressure network. Production capacity is 228.5 m3/h.Sewage is available; diameter is 300 mm.
Telecommunications infrastructure There is an access to telecommunication network and broadband Internet on a base of JSC “Ukrtelecom”; the distance to the distribution cabinet is 1 150 m.
Distance to the nearest residential area 200 m
Transport links to investment site There is an access two-lane road with asphalt-concrete covering 200 m far.
The distances to:

  • national motor road: 4.8 km (motor road E40);
  • local motor road: 1.7 km (“Kyiv-Ternopil”);
  • airport: 40 km;
  • railway track: 0.07 km;
  • railway station: 1.7 km.
Limits in territory development if any There are no environmental constraints.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation Auction sale of lease rights with a starting price of 14.35 UAH/m2 (as per calculation on 01.01.2015).
Estimated value of investment territory 406787.41 USD
(at the rate of NBU as of 01.01.2015 – 15.768556 UAH/USD).