Chortkiv Site # 2

Construction in progress (Clothes factory)


Location of investment site Volodymyra Velykoho street. Western part of Chortkiv. Within the territory of the town.

Chortkiv Investment Site # 2

Investment Site # 2

Geographical location of investment site 49°0′55.64″N 25°45′53.99″Е
Area of investment site 1.1 ha
Land specification The relief is plain, height difference from the lower to top extreme numbers to 1-3 m.
Premises (buildings) on site if any Construction in progress (unbuilt five-storied construction with total area of 110 m2.
Ownership Private ownership.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) Industrial territory.
Technical infrastructure – electric power supply lines go along Knyazya Volodymyra Velykoho street;
– municipal water supply and sewage network is located on the site border (d-300);
– medium pressure gas pipe is located on the site border.
Telecommunications infrastructure There are 50 m of distance to telecommunication network and broadband Internet access.
Distance to the nearest residential area 50 m
Transport links to investment site The investment site borders with Volodymyra Velykoho street and is situated 1 km far from crossing of international motor roads E-85 Chernivtsi-Ternopil and M-19 Domanove/ to Brest /Kovel/ Chortkiv/ Chernivtsi/ Mamalyga/ to Kishinev.
Limits in territory development if any There are no restrictions.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation Sale, leasehold sale, long-term lease.
Estimated value of investment territory The site regulatory monetary value is:
Industrial lands – 79.27 UAH for 1 m2 =3.56 $
At the rate of NBU as of 21st April 2015.