Borshchiv Site # 1

Industrial and administrative premises of LLC “Agroservice”


Location of investment site Ternopil region, the town of Borshchiv, 1 Fedkovycha st.
The site is located in north-eastern part of the town 2 km far from the town administrative centre. Height difference on the site does not exceed 2 m. Climate is temperate continental. Winter is mild with frequent thaws, summer is warm with sufficient humidity. On the West the site borders with national motor road.

Borshchiv Investment Site # 1

Investment Site # 1

Geographical location of investment site 48.8024435,26.0662653
Area of investment site 4.23 ha
Land specification The site has asphalt covering, the relief is plain.
Premises (buildings) on site if any There are premises with total area of 3 134 m2, including administrative – 765.9 m2, industrial – 366.9 m2, warehouses – 2 002 m2.
Ownership Private property.
Zoning outlined in master plan (priority usage of the territory) Intended purpose of the site – built-up lands for non-agricultural commercial activity. According to the master plan the site should be used as an industrial area.
Technical infrastructure Water supply, sewage network, electricity are provided to the site. It is also possible to provide gas supply.
Telecommunications infrastructure It is possible to provide the telecommunications network and broadband Internet.
Distance to the nearest residential area Distance to the nearest residential building is 200 m.
The investment site borders with industrial facilities
Transport links to investment site Distance to the motor road with hard surface is 50 m, to the railway station – 1.5 km.
Distance to national motor road H-10 (Chernivtsi) is 90 km, international motor road M-12 (Ternopil) – 110 km.
Limits in territory development if any The need of compliance with 200-meter sanitary protection zone from the site border due to the proximity of residential buildings.
Terms of investment site transfer in operation Rent or sale, joint venture establishment.
Estimated value of investment territory The site regulatory monetary value is: 350 000 USD